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Wednesday Open Thread: It’s All Related, Part 2

The second movie that I hope you will see this Holiday Season is the big screen adaptation of the August Wilson play Fences, starring Denzel  Washington and Viola Davis. August Wilson was instrumental in bringing the Black experience, in all … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread: It’s All Related

The election of THAT MAN to be President is in direct correlation to the Obama Presidency, and also the culture that grew during those years. I have long said that those who wanted “to make America great again” longed for … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread : The Fight For America

Those who voted for that man for President have the nerve to tell us who didn’t vote for him that we need to show respect for the Presidency. WE DO have respect for the Presidency, which is why him being … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Begins: Senator Sessions for Attorney General?

I have always had an interest in historical fiction. I especially like reading fiction about Black people during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Putting myself in their shoes – these people, who had just been freed from slavery, believing that … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

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Saturday Open Thread

Published on Nov 11, 2016 This week, the President welcomed the Cleveland Cavaliers, gave some words of wisdom to the final internship class of his presidency, and met with the President-elect. That’s November 4th through the 10th or, “Be Kind, … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread: Almost Christmas at a Theater Near You

Almost Christmas looks like a fun way to spend a couple of hours in the movie theater. If you and the family want to go see a movie this weekend, why not give it a try?

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