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ICYMI: Ken Burns’ Documentary on Jackie Robinson

This past week on PBS, they aired the documentary that was done on Jackie Robinson. By showing the context of Jackie Robinson’s life, including many stories about how he grew up, and what happened in his life, it brought out … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread | NPR Interview with Clinton Emerges: ‘My Roots Are Conservative, I’m Proud I Was a Goldwater Girl’

A 1996 NPR interview with Hillary Clinton has recently resurfaced, in which the current Democratic front-runner shockingly embraced conservatism and reiterated how proud she was to support a segregationist presidential candidate. In the interview, Clinton told NPR’s Scott Simon that … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | #BernieSanders: Nobody asks for my birth certificate

Real Talk!

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Tuesday Open Thread | Video emerges of Bernie Sanders Arrested at a Civil Rights Protest In 1963

Receipts people! Bernie Sanders has receipts!

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President Obama Speaks at the 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment

Please forward video to 45:00 mark. The Blessings of a Black President speaking on the 150 anniversary of the 13th Amendment, and especially in this racially-charged environment in America. THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT! President #Obama gave a powerful speech today … Continue reading

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MSNBC, CNN & CBS Major Fail | Invade Home of Dead San Bernardino Shooters

Who the fuck let these SNAKES into that house? Who gave their stamp of approval for this shameful display of theatrics?! The landlord- GTFOH! Said the media forced their way in. Can we say CRIME SCENE? And Kerry Sanders showing … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

Have a Blessed Sunday, Everyone FEATURED SOUND FILE: Sit Down Servant-STAPLES YRICS: SIT DOWN SERVANT One Group Member – Woh oh oh oh, sit down Soloist – Now now now now no Group –Sit down! Soloist –Woh oh oh, please … Continue reading

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