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Donna Edwards, Congresswoman Concedes Maryland Senate Race

Well it’s EVIDENT that Donna Edwards did NOT TOW the Democratic Party line. Are you “TOO PROGRESSIVE for Maryland,” Ms Donna Edwards? And the Establishment sent out the CBC to discredit Donna Edwards, just in time for last night’s primary. … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Ken Burns’ Documentary on Jackie Robinson

This past week on PBS, they aired the documentary that was done on Jackie Robinson. By showing the context of Jackie Robinson’s life, including many stories about how he grew up, and what happened in his life, it brought out … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Life In Pictures

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Video | Bernie Sanders South Bronx Rally with Rosario Dawson, New York 3/31/2016

ICYMI: The media tried with all its might to BLACK OUT BERNIE IN THE BRONX last night.

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President Obama Flatly Rejects Blame for Rise of Trump

The press had the nerve to ask the President if he were to blame for the rise of Trump yesterday at a joint-presser with Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau. I really appreciate President going on the record as POTUS to speak … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Bernie Sanders on Flint water crisis: ‘Never again’

Flint — Bernie Sanders brought his Democratic presidential campaign here Thursday to give a national voice to those affected by the contaminated water crisis 12 days before Michigan’s primary. Sanders took valuable time to campaign in Michigan instead of South … Continue reading

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Memo to Clintons, Media Exploitation of Black Folks| Don’t Come for Us, Unless WE Send for YOU!

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are brazen and EXPLOITING the grief and SOULS of Black folks. And we for one, will not tolerate this. Watching this video made me SICK to my stomach. From 3 Chics commenter Liza: Ms. Tamron … Continue reading

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