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Open Thread | This Is Who Republicans Are😒

Periodt. There is no “good Republican”. Holy shit. Top Republican Rick Allen (R-GA) was just recorded saying his party is going after Social Security because people “want to work longer.” (h/t @SSWorks) pic.twitter.com/gQln56a4A2 — No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen … Continue reading

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Open Thread | This Is Who the GOP Is

Never forget There is no such thing as a decent Republican.😒 They have no interest in governing. "Sununu spoke with most members of the Senate Republican Conference and found that virtually all of them intended to do nothing but obstruct … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Let’s Talk About This Fraud Congressman from New York

There’s a newly elected Republican Congressman from NY. He is a complete and utter fraud. The failure of the N.Y. Press to vet him is so obvious. The media completely dropped the ball on George Santos – and it's trying … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Just Some Points to Think About …..the Parties ARE NOT ALIKE

Just a compilation of thoughts A reminder: Anyone who tells you NOT to vote is not your friend Anyone who tells you that there is no difference between the Political Parties is a lying CLOWN😠😠 For ppl who say voting4Dems … Continue reading

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Open Thread | There Is No Such Thing As A ‘ Good Republican’.

Kinzinger and Cheney both voted to shut down the government and default on our debts while also denying disaster relief aid. There are no good Republicans. — Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) September 22, 2021 Periodt. They don’t exist. And, unlike the … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Happy Monday, Everyone. I’ve been out of the news & noise loop, lately. Working on major summer projects at work, on the road, and at home. ICYMI This CLOWN right here… This remarkable piece describes the Trump-Putin relationship, which bears … Continue reading

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The Conservative Plan To Amend The Constitution | AM Joy | MSNBC

Despite #45’s utter incompetence, ignorant word-salad vocabulary, the GOP—looking at McConnell etc., they are wreaking havoc on our DEMOCRACY. We’re four states away from a Constitutional Convention. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS? STAY WOKE FOLKS! ICYMI Sunday, 1/7/18 … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone. Remember what the SNAKES are up to, as #45 & his slimy family sink further & further into their lies and deceit.

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President Obama’s Oval Office Address on Terrorism

ICYMI President Obama addresses the nation on terrorism after the San Bernardino killings. Leading up to this address the media and GOP have been relentless in their FEARMONGERING/WARMONGERING, even going so far as to INVADE the home of the couple … Continue reading

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Republican “Mo-Fo” Brooks Says Dems Have “Declared War on White People”

First off 3 Chics has a gift for Mo and his cohorts who are screaming about War on WHITES! And we mean an ocean not a river… Let’s call a SPADE a SPADE, MO. Blacks and other POC don’t cower, … Continue reading

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