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Open Thread | Educate, Congresswoman Jackson Lee👏🏾

This entire thread👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Lauren, you would think now that you’re in the majority, you would actually consider reading the bills you tweet about. Or, maybe even hire someone who could help you. This tweet is inflammatory and fact-less and you … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Thank You, Madam Speaker…..for Everything…

For every bill that you fought for… For knowing how to count votes and drag legislation over the finish line… For every fight you won… For the healthcare that 20 million more Americans enjoy…. For being on the side of … Continue reading

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Video | Congressman Mike Rogers (R) Confronted Over Sequestration Concerns At Town Hall

Mr. Rogers gets taken to the woodshed. Wonder what cable network these citizens are watching… These same folks voted for Mike Rogers, who is not serving their best interest. No doubt Mike Rogers wishes the president wasn’t re-elected. Then what, … Continue reading

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Frederica Wilson (D) Congresswoman Speaks to The House On Shooting Death Of Trayvon Martin

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Senior Citizens, This is Your America on GOP| Still Want to Continue With This Prescription?

               THE GOP HOUSE PASSED A BUDGET TO DECIMATE/GUT MEDICARE                                       A must read from Bluegal at Crooks and Liars: Why Threats to Medicare/Medicaid for Younger People Fail: Grandma is Taking Care of the Kids The Paul Ryan Budget defenders have today’s … Continue reading

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House Passes DREAM Act 216-198- Anty Up Senate & Get It Done!

The measure will come to the Senate floor  this morning around 11am EST. House passes DREAM Act, but Senate prospects dim By William Douglas | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday night that would … Continue reading

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2010 Midterms Are Over: Now WHAT?

NOW WHAT?  Are We going to play the blame the Blacks, Latinos, Whites, Gays, Repubs, Dems,  the wars, the economy, my dog ate the ballot, and President Obama game straight through 2012? Here’s the Breakdown: Democrats  House                                  Republicans House Current-256                                                Current-179 … Continue reading

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