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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone. Remember what the SNAKES are up to, as #45 & his slimy family sink further & further into their lies and deceit.

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Saturday Open Thread

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends! ICYMI

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Nancy Abu-Bonsrah | Johns Hopkins’ First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident

The most important day for fourth year medical students is the third Friday in March, when they find out where they have been accepted for their residency program. It’s called Match Day. For medical student Nancy Abu-Bonsrah, it also became … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread

Hello, Everyone.  If you aren’t watching the ABC sitcom, “Black-ish”  WHY NOT? Here are clips from the latest episodes. Black-ish! Trump’s America Good Dre Hunting Read: Rage almost all the time. Catch the full episodes on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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A Way the GOP Can Kill Obamacare

This is from Mayhew at BJ about how they’re going to destroy Obamacare. The evil never sleeps with this group. ………………………….. The CSR sword of Damocles by Richard Mayhew 8:14 am on January 9, 2017. I need to start morning … Continue reading

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Moving Forward: Taking the Fight to Save Obamacare

In case you missed it, had a reply yesterday from Washington Monthly… the GOP has their Frank Luntz-approved language.. The GOP isn’t trying to REPEAL Obamacare… They’re trying to ‘ RESCUE’ Obamacare… RESCUE…like they’re phucking heroes. Heroes about to take … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread- More Healthcare Information

Healthcare is a complicated issue. There are so many parts to it. All the information can be hard to understand. You need a place where you can get straight forward, honest evaluation of healthcare issues. For me, this is at … Continue reading

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