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Open Thread | New York Attorney General Letitia James Nails Trump and Children

She crossed all her ‘ t’s’ and dotted all those ‘ i’s’. New York Attorney General Letitia James stepped up and presented a scathing, over two hundred page complaint against Donald Trump and his children – Don Jr, Ivanka and … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, There Was a Presidential Debate

There is going to be a Presidential Debate. Just some predictions beforehand, and then, post debate, we will see how I did. 1. I don’t expect Chris Wallace to be anything other than the Fox right-wing clown 😠 that he … Continue reading

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House releases text of impeachment probe resolution

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Jeremy Bash lays out the three crimes that Trump committed in his phone call with Ukraine

Extortion Conspiracy to engage in extortion Conspiracy to violate federal election law MUST WATCH: Jeremy Bash sees 3 possible underlying crimes here: Extortion, conspiracy to engage in extortion, and conspiracy to violate federal election law.See the full interview w/ @NicolleDWallace: … Continue reading

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The big names in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Black Book’

The “black book” of Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier and now-accused child sex trafficker, is a smorgasbord of high-profile, powerful people, including Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and convicted sex … Continue reading

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WATCH LIVE: Trump impeachment vote expected in the House

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House Intelligence Committee Hearing on the Mueller report

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Michael Wolff describes Trump’s strained relationship with his family

Please watch this video. It will make your jaw drop. According to Michael Wolff, Trump is jealous of people who are tall. No wonder he hates James Comey.

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Don McGahn rejects House subpoena to appear

WTF? White men are openly defying the law and thumbing their nose at Congress and the rule of law. If McGahn doesn’t show up for the hearing, lock his ass up too. Former White House counsel Don McGahn will not … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Deutsche Bank Staff Eyed Trump, Kushner Transactions, NYT Says

THUGS IN EXPENSIVE SUIT AND TIES………… Multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner aroused the suspicion of anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank in 2016 and 2017, according to the New York … Continue reading

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