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Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

You helped change the world. You certainly changed my world. I have so many opportunities because of your battles. Share this clip of my father. We must study him beyond the end of ‘I Have a Dream.’ (and that’s taken … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Dear Mayor Lightfoot..

Dear Mayor Lightfoot: As the granddaughter, daughter, niece and sister of School Teachers, I am perplexed by your recent hostility towards the Chicago Teachers Union. Teachers are part of public service, but, they are also people. They are wives, mothers, … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Roe v. Wade

For those who voted “their conscience” in 2016, and found eleven billionty reasons why they couldn’t vote for Hillary, and how we “couldn’t scare you with The Court”… Are you scared yet? They heard arguments about the Mississippi Abortion Law. … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Black Historian of Chicago, Timuel Black, Dead At 102

He was THE Historian for Black Chicago. I could listen to him for hours on end. He was a fountain of knowledge. RIP for a life well lived in service to the community.😢🙏🏽😢🙏🏽 #BREAKING: Timuel Black, a political and civil … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Dropping Some Wisdom…Respect and Protect the Children

This man is thoughtful and wise..please follow him. He has such a kind heart. Last night I was at my peoples house with a few friends and my homegirl with her daugther, 5, who I haven't seen her since she … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Some Truth About The Attack On CRT

So, here is some truth about the CRT criticism. What is Critical Race Theory? — Brittany Anderson, Ph.D. (@GiftedBlkGirl) June 15, 2021 Thread Last year, Maine’s 51st school district put out a letter denouncing white supremacy after George Floyd's … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, The President Laid Out His Vision For The Country

And, I loved the speech.🤗   President Biden understands this history even if the media doesn't. "Madam Vice President…" — Tommy moderna-vaX-Topher (@tommyxtopher) April 29, 2021 I’m so damn proud of @POTUS @JoeBiden !!! For too long we needed … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So…They Had a Hearing About the New Jim Crow..

And the GQP decided to try and question Stacey Abrams about it. As well as others. It did not go well.   Republican Senator John Cornyn: So you believe that the GA legislature made deliberate attempts to suppress the minority … Continue reading

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Open Thread | As They Push to Re-Open Schools…..

Let’s take a look at a study about COVID and transmission in schools.   @Epi_D_Nique and I collaborated to provide a user-friendly review of the CDC’s study on #Covid_19 spread in elementary #schools in one Georgia district. This study is … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Political Food For Thought

Came across this Twitter thread and thought they made good points.   Presidential candidates in 2024. Yes, I am doing this. You know when Sanders lost the election. Nov, 11, 2016. Sanders slammed " civil rights" as identity politics foreclosing … Continue reading

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