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GOP Senator David Perdue rips student’s phone for asking about @BrianKempGA racist voter registration scheme

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) ripped a phone out of a constituent’s hand late Saturday morning as the constituent was recording their encounter. The Republican senator was being asked a question about Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp‘s widely-reported attempts … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | The Latest Evil on Immigration From This Administration

I was in fourth grade when I first went to school with anyone not Black. I was in seventh grade when I first met someone from an immigrant family. I was in eighth grade when I first met someone who … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Where Are The Immigrant Children

What is the Trump regime planning on doing with those kids? Selling them for adoption, human trafficking? There is some wicked EVIL going on. Some folks need to be jailed over this. It’s monstrous what Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Kristjen … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow tears up on live tv about immigrant toddlers being detained

Rachel Maddow is all of us………. The MSNBC host struggles to get through a segment on her nightly show, describing babies being forcibly removed from their parents and taken to shelters under Trump’s hardline immigration laws. Maddow eventually crosses to … Continue reading

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Police wrestled a black woman to the ground, exposing her breasts in restaurant

It looked like a sexual assault in a public restaurant. Slave patrols pulling a black woman’s clothes off in public and dragging her to the ground over plastic wear & patrons kept eating like it was nothing. Cop also threatened … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Dr Martin Luther King explains why Black Americans face more obstacles than white European immigrants

Wow, I’ve seen/heard a lot of MLK footage but this is the first time I’ve seen this interview. How profound this is. — Justinfication (@Justinfication) April 4, 2018 Dr King warns of 3 evils plaguing America…….. Racism Exploitation of … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Wrightsville Arkansas: 21 Black Boys Burned Alive

On March 5th 1959, 69 teenaged Negro Boys were padlocked inside the Wrightsville Negro Boys Industrial School Dormitory and the building mysteriously caught fire. 48 boys were able to force mesh metal screens off  windows and escape, 21 were burned … Continue reading

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