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Open Thread | COVID-19, Our Economy, and The Dangers Republicans Pose to All of Us

The greatest threat to this country is the Republican Party. While the REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE STOP ANOTHER COVID RELIEF BILL, the people suffer. They suffer because of unemployment. They suffer because of hunger. They suffer because their children aren’t … Continue reading

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Open Thread | We Have No Second COVID Stimulus BECAUSE OF MOSCOW MITCH

Let us be very clear on why there hasn’t been a second COVID Stimulus. It is NOT BECAUSE OF CONGRESS! IT👏IS👏BECAUSE👏OF👏MOSCOW👏MITCH👏   I want #COVID19 relief passed immediately. But I also think that Democrats have nothing to apologize for by … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Your Mother Was Right- A Hard Head Makes for a Soft Behind

I have felt from the beginning that Karma was interested in teaching White America a lesson for selecting Dolt45. It wasn’t enough that their vessel for White Supremacy wasn’t just a national, but international embarrassment. Yet, even as he was … Continue reading

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Open Thread | DEFUND THE POLICE?!? What is this foolishness?!😠

I have been watching the protests. Seeing the progress that the protesters have made. And, suddenly, we got idiots going from BLACK LIVES MATTER to DEFUND THE POLICE? WTF is this nonsense? Once again, these young folk are getting played.😠 … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Andy Slavitt Trying To Warn Us

Yet again, Mr. Slavitt is dropping truth. Keep your eyes open.   Mitch McConnell will not pass any more Congressional aid for Americans losing income, nutritional aid, states or testing & contact tracing unless he gets 1 thing: waivers for … Continue reading

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Open Thread | What These State ‘Openings’ Are About

This Twitter thread is on the money   "Re-opening" isn't about saving ordinary workers and earners. You can't save someone by infecting them with a deadly disease. In a world without contact-tracing, therapeutics, tests, PPE, santizing products, etc, more contact … Continue reading

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Open Thread | COVID-19 Information

I will say it again.. Until we start testing like South Korea and Germany,this economy cannot open again 😠😠😠 PERIOD     The difference between a country that took COVID-19 seriously, and one led by a lying, incompetent idiot Number … Continue reading

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Open Thread | About That GOP Smash And Grab

So, Mitch McConnell tried to push through a bailout that was ultimately nothing but a GOP Smash and Grab.     Here were the tell tale signs. He tried to negotiate this WITHOUT THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE SITTING AT … Continue reading

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Simple Financial Advantage and How It Trickles Down

This thread is very much on point and attempts to explain White Financial Advantage.   First of all, of you live in a home in a black neighborhood, it’s worth, on average, $48,000 less than an identical home in an … Continue reading

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Open Thread | California Throws the NCAA for a Loop

I honestly didn’t see the depth of this bill in California until I saw it discussed at a blog. I haven’t been a fan of the NCAA since I was a kid. I have always thought that they got rich … Continue reading

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