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Open Thread | Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Pollsters, and What’s Happening on the Ground

There has been a flood of all these Republican polls. Take them as you want. I am more interested in the reports on what’s happening on the ground. We have ONE WEEK TO GO. If you can Early Vote, do … Continue reading

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Open Thread | But…Hunter Biden’s Laptop? FOH!😠

Explain this. I dare you. What Thee Phuck did they do to warrant THREE BILLION DOLLARS?! Where is the.MSM?😠 What is.this was.Craig Robinson? Yeah, I thought so. Axios (@axios) tweeted at 6:03 AM on Mon, Apr 11, 2022: Two former … Continue reading

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Open Thread | It’s Not Tears…..Just Dust😪😪

It’s been a hard year. So, let’s just share this sweet story:     I think everyone could use a lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At the beginning of the pandemic I went through some painful personal stuff … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Some Words About COVID-19 From A Healthcare Expert

Just thought that I would drop this Twitter thread from one of the most knowledgeable Healthcare Bloggers: Andy Slavitt-     COVID Update May 6: Like many countries we picked a strategy to beat COVID-19. We just decided not to … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Nothing But A Criminal Enterprise

Nothing but a criminal enterprise..Don’t let anyone tell you different.    

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Open Thread | More Heartbreak from COVID-19

I am posting stories like this because the numbers are so huge. So haunting. So much pain. I want to show the humanity. So, while we have sociopaths ‘protesting’ in the middle of a PANDEMIC 😠 And, we have an … Continue reading

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🚨Emergency – Voter Suppression in Wisconsin Alert🚨

The U.S. Supreme Court, which is shut down due to COVID-19, has no problem telling the people of Wisconsin to risk infection or deny yourself the right to vote.😠😠 NEW: The Democratic Party of Wisconsin just put up this guide … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.   😂😂😂😂 WE JUST HAD A STROLL OFF AT THE @memgrizz GAME!! I REPEAT, WE JUST HAD A STROLL OFF AT THE @memgrizz GAME!! #HBCUNight pic.twitter.com/nAG6MURMqK … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Jeffrey Epstein found injured in federal jail cell

Jeffrey Epstein, the Palm Beach millionaire who was arrested earlier this month on child sex-trafficking charges, was found injured in his New York jail cell Wednesday, News 4 New York reported. The station said Epstein, 66, was found in the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our Father in Heaven, We give thanks for the pleasure Of gathering together for this occasion. We give thanks for this food. 3ChicsPolitico wishes all of our commenters, readers, followers, friends and guests a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy family, good … Continue reading

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