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Tuesday Open Thread | Leave No Dolt45 Supporter Unfound

My lips pursed so hard reading this… The Dolt45 Supporter has had more ink giving to them by the MSM than Obama Supporters got in TWO ADMINISTRATIONS. I still believe that they do these articles, because they are desperate to … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | The Neglect of the Victims of Hurricane Michael

We told you that this Administration is incompetent. We told you what they did to those American Citizens in Puerto Rico. But, you thought, since they aren’t White, what does that matter to me? Past is prologue, people. Past is … Continue reading

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GOP Senator David Perdue rips student’s phone for asking about @BrianKempGA racist voter registration scheme

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) ripped a phone out of a constituent’s hand late Saturday morning as the constituent was recording their encounter. The Republican senator was being asked a question about Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp‘s widely-reported attempts … Continue reading

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Sunday Praise & Worship | Standing In The Need

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Saturday Open Thread | Top Dem lawmakers demand unredacted memo Trump admin used to justify family separations

Every last person involved need to taken to The Hague and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. The top Democrats on the House and Senate judiciary committees are calling on the Trump administration to turn over an unredacted copy of the … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Turkish authorities have a video of Khashoggi’s murder

An assassination squad of 15 men disembarked two charter planes in the Turkish city of Istanbul Tuesday on the orders of the Saudi royal court. After checking in to two hotels, the men laid in wait until Saudi journalist and … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | The Magnitsky Act triggered over Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance

BREAKING NEWS: “Senators Leahy, Menendez, Corker & Graham have triggered the Magnitsky Act over Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance. The Trump administration must determine if Jamal Khasshoggi was a victim of killing, torture or gross violation of human rights. If yes, then … Continue reading

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