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Open Thread | When You See the Hate, Call It Out

This ugliness. This Anti-Semitism. Don’t tell me that the New York Times didn’t know. Don’t allow them to gaslight us, pretending that it was done on accident. THIS👏🏾WAS👏🏾NO👏🏾ACCIDENT👏🏾 For those of you who still don’t get it, why people are … Continue reading

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President Biden Talks About the Fight for the Soul of our Nation

President Biden made it plain. He spelled it out. What we are fighting for. And who we are fighting against. If it talks like fascism.. Smells like it…. And you hang around with and invite to your conferences well known … Continue reading

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Open Thread | It Was NEVER About CRT. It’s About Silencing Those Who Teach the Truth

And those who believe that EVERYONE’S STORY that has been institutionally excluded IS WORTH HEARING. They want to WHITEWASH HISTORY and suppress the truth. That’s what the entire anti-CRT hysteria is about. Not about CRT, because CRT is only taught … Continue reading

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Open Thread | No, We Are Not Going Back To the Bad Old Days

I follow several LGBTQ+ folks on Twitter, and they are lamenting that the hatred is more obvious now, and I would have to agree. The right-wing is using misunderstanding about Trans folks, to creep back the hatred to the general … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, Moscow Mitch Is Lying Again😒

Asked about the filibuster, Moscow Mitch had the nerve to lie that was never used in racial terms. Lie Lie Lie Well, folks couldn’t let that stand. RECEIPTS have been brought… I say, RECEIPTS👏 HAVE 👏BEEN👏 BROUGHT 👏   Filibuster … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Political Food For Thought

Came across this Twitter thread and thought they made good points.   Presidential candidates in 2024. Yes, I am doing this. You know when Sanders lost the election. Nov, 11, 2016. Sanders slammed " civil rights" as identity politics foreclosing … Continue reading

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Open Thread | DEFUND THE POLICE?!? What is this foolishness?!😠

I have been watching the protests. Seeing the progress that the protesters have made. And, suddenly, we got idiots going from BLACK LIVES MATTER to DEFUND THE POLICE? WTF is this nonsense? Once again, these young folk are getting played.😠 … Continue reading

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Simple Financial Advantage and How It Trickles Down

This thread is very much on point and attempts to explain White Financial Advantage.   First of all, of you live in a home in a black neighborhood, it’s worth, on average, $48,000 less than an identical home in an … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Nobody Could Have Seen This Coming😒😒

Funny how when you discriminate against one group, it begins to bleed against those of other groups…. And, I don’t mean Ha ha funny😒😒😒 From Mississippi Goddamn!😠😠 Who couldn’t see this coming?😠 IMPORTANT: This comes after the MS Legislature … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

Today’s feature covers the REAL history of reconstruction. See how our past affects our present with this inside look of Reconstruction with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Reconstruction: America After the Civil War premiered April 9 & April 16. You can … Continue reading

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