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Open Thread | So, Moscow Mitch Is Lying Again😒

Asked about the filibuster, Moscow Mitch had the nerve to lie that was never used in racial terms. Lie Lie Lie Well, folks couldn’t let that stand. RECEIPTS have been brought… I say, RECEIPTS👏 HAVE 👏BEEN👏 BROUGHT 👏   Filibuster … Continue reading

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Open Thread | We Have No Second COVID Stimulus BECAUSE OF MOSCOW MITCH

Let us be very clear on why there hasn’t been a second COVID Stimulus. It is NOT BECAUSE OF CONGRESS! IT👏IS👏BECAUSE👏OF👏MOSCOW👏MITCH👏   I want #COVID19 relief passed immediately. But I also think that Democrats have nothing to apologize for by … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Andy Slavitt Trying To Warn Us

Yet again, Mr. Slavitt is dropping truth. Keep your eyes open.   Mitch McConnell will not pass any more Congressional aid for Americans losing income, nutritional aid, states or testing & contact tracing unless he gets 1 thing: waivers for … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Don’t Whine Now About The Courts …You Were Warned

Like others, I am disgusted and have no patience for those running around with their hair on fire because they have finally looked up and see that Dolt45 has been able to appoint 1 out of 4 federal judges. He … Continue reading

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