Open Thread | We Have No Second COVID Stimulus BECAUSE OF MOSCOW MITCH

Let us be very clear on why there hasn’t been a second COVID Stimulus.


The Inspector General should go over those PPP loans with a fine-toothed comb. I am sure that there is plenty of fraud, and these folks need to charged. The PPP money didn’t get to the businesses that needed the help.

So, employers could kill at will, and there would be no legal recourse for those families.😠😠😠

Of course, the MSM refuses to lay out the truth about Moscow Mitch, and continue to carry water for him. Clinging to the both sides bullshyt.😠😠

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  1. rikyrah says:

    This is why their economies are going to rebound once the pandemic is over

    • Liza says:

      I like all of them. Democratic women are changing the political landscape and so far, most of them seem to be making positive contributions. These women are not sitting back and keeping low profiles to hold on to their “sweet gigs.” I applaud them. And, btw, I love @AOC. I’ve seen a number of her interrogations and I see no evidence she is an immature demagogue.

      Anyhow, the time is now. We tell these younger people to step up and take on this responsibility, the responsibility of governance, and they need our support.

  2. eliihass says:

    So many brazen forked-tongued opportunists, so little time.. now that elections are over, true colors are on display ..and spilling over..

  3. rikyrah says:

    Lucretia being called in about the Inauguration Funds. 

    The only people in the media who really followed this story were USA Today and Maddow. 

    Nobody else could be bothered with the almost $100 million unaccounted for from the Inauguration. 

    I am quite tickled that she was subpoenaed post-Election…


  4. eliihass says:

    “…In late 2008, during the transition from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, there was a mantra that took hold among Washington insiders: Obama won the election but Hillary won the transition.

    The most loyal denizens of the Obama campaign — the people who were with him from Springfield to Grant Park — watched with deep trepidation as the Obama administration was staffed at the highest levels with the same Clintonites — including Hillary herself — they thought they had vanquished in the Democratic primaries the previous summer.

    … a similar sense of dread is starting to bubble up from veterans of the Biden campaign, particularly those who were there with the president-elect from the Philadelphia announcement speech to the Wilmington victory speech. The target of their ire? The Obama establishment, which has eclipsed the Clinton name as shorthand for yesterday’s Democratic Party.

    “The Obama staffers are now cutting out the people who got Biden elected,” said a senior Biden official channeling the feelings of the old guard of the Biden campaign, who requested anonymity for the obvious reason. “None of these people found the courage to help the VP when he was running and now they are elevating their friends over the Biden people. It’s f—– up.”

    Internally, Biden officials have been instructed to emphasize to reporters how normal the picks are, how “these are tested leaders.” It’s seen as a success if the Biden staff and Cabinet announcements don’t make much news.

    But just below that elite level …depending on who you talk to — about the perceived lack of outreach to many campaign alumni. “There’s real doubt about whether they will be taken care of,” said the Biden adviser.

    Some of the grumbling dates back to one of the main divides in the Biden campaign: people who joined the campaign before Dillon was named campaign manager in March and those who came in after. Some in the old guard feel they were underappreciated — they won the Democratic nomination! — and were layered over by Dillon hires who are now being prioritized for White House jobs.

    Several people I talked to pointed out that both Dillon and Julie Rodriguez, one of her campaign deputies, received high-profile positions in the White House before people like Kate Bedingfield and Symone Sanders, two prominent veterans from the pre-Dillon… “People who were not part of winning the hard-fought primary were placed before people who were part of that,” said the Biden adviser. “If you noticed, Jen’s people are being taken care of.”

    Some of the factionalism forming is related to Biden’s long career. Not everyone involved with helping him get to the White House formally worked on the campaign. There are Biden Senate staffers, Biden vice presidential staffers, Biden presidential primary staffers, and Biden general election staffers. Some people straddle multiple eras. The current fears about the transition being taken over by the previous generation of Obama staffers who make up Washington’s permanent establishment are coming from a younger set of Biden true believers who chose to work for him in early 2019 even when all of the cool young operatives were flocking to Beto and Bernie and Warren.

    Even then, there was a disconnect between the brain trust at the top of the campaign, which is now seamlessly moving to the top of the White House, and the Biden proletariat that made up the bulk of the campaign operation.

    “People are pissed,” said the Biden adviser. “I think I’m going to be taken care of but I have not been taken care of yet. I am really interested to find out how you even find out how you got a job in this White House.”

  5. eliihass says:

    “…Brad Parscale, the former Trump campaign manager who was demoted in July, claimed in a Fox News interview on Tuesday night that President Trump would have handily won the election if he had expressed more empathy about the coronavirus pandemic.

    “We lost suburban families,” Mr. Parscale said. “I think that goes to one thing: the decision on Covid to go for opening the economy versus public empathy.”

    At other points in the interview, Mr. Parscale refused to concede that the president had lost the election, claiming that Mr. Trump was “in a position that he might be able to pull this off.”

    Mr. Parscale has kept a low profile since September, when he was hospitalized after his wife, Candice, called the police saying he was in his house with guns and threatening to hurt himself. According to a police report, Ms. Parscale also said her husband had bruised her arms during ”a physical altercation.” She later walked back the claim of domestic abuse.

    Since that episode, which was caught on police body camera footage, Mr. Parscale has claimed he wants to go back to a simpler, more private life flipping real estate. He has told friends he wants to leave politics. Current and former Trump officials on Tuesday interpreted Mr. Parscale’s re-emergence as an attempt to increase the value of a memoir he is also trying to sell and to ingratiate himself with the president.

    Mr. Parscale said in the Fox interview that he had not spoken to Mr. Trump recently, and that the fracturing of their relationship was “pretty hurtful.”

    “I gave every inch of my life to them,” he said of the Trump family. “Every inch.”

    At another point in the interview, he claimed that he was a “semi-quasi campaign manager” during Mr. Trump’s winning 2016 campaign, alongside Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. In fact, Kellyanne Conway, a former White House official, was the president’s campaign manager four years ago.

    “The worst thing to ever do was to break us two up,” Mr. Parscale said of his relationship with Mr. Kushner, claiming that the president’s son-in-law was also “slightly sidelined” after his demotion.

    Addressing the altercation in September for the first time, Mr. Parscale hinted at strains in his marriage but did not address the abuse allegation. Martha MacCallum, the Fox News host who conducted the interview, did not ask him about it.

    “We lost two children during the election,” Mr. Parscale said, referring to the death of their twins in 2016. “We were completely attacked by the left, the right, the media. And I got to a bad place.”

    He said that he and his wife had “never been happier,” adding, “I’m just glad I moved on.”…”

    • eliihass says:

      As Orwellian and as painfully farcical as this whole election cycle has been, one small mercy is that this vapid, deceitful, hollow, lazy, character-deficient, soulless, self-centered, barely literate, lying, imported, euro trash Birther gold-digging moll turned 3rd wife to an equally yoked, morally and financially bankrupt, adulterous sugar-daddy cum 2-bit conman, turned Russian Asset …will finally be permanently removed from the American People’s House.. (fingers crossed.. because, who knows any more..)

      That this country allowed this brazen heist …and worse, actively and endlessly indulged, legitimized and actively normalized these perpetrators, is no longer a surprise..

      That these 2 peas in a pod, match-made in scummy, pathological, narcissistic shyster hell, continued to be beneficiaries of endless do-overs, mulligans, absolutions.. offered time & again even as they brazenly decimated our democracy, institutions, fragile union and grifted to their heart’s content.. greedily lapping up outsized, overextended ‘perks’ courtesy of our taxpayer dollars.. as they traded favors, quid quo pros and exploited for their personal vendettas, the awesome powers of the federal government… while gleefully cultivating and playing footsie with the very worst elements..

      We’ll see if the media will ever be able to let go of these purveyors of horror.. they’ve already started setting the stage for keeping them ‘relevant’ ..entirely for clicks and eyeballs..

      With the ‘he’s looking at running again in 2024’ tripe.. they enable him keep the media and all his other enemies in check.. just in case he somehow makes a return..

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, I was thinking about that, the “running again in 2024 tripe.” That is clearly about the Trump crime family and especially Donald staying on the grift, getting as much money as they can while they can. The media could help by ignoring them, that’s for sure. But almost 74 million people voted for the treasonous buffoon, so they’re not likely to let him go.

        Reminds me of Sarah Palin and how she “might” run against PBO in 2012. And when she didn’t run for the nomination and, in fact, never intended to, she started circling the drain. Trump learned a lot from Palin, it’s certainly no surprise that he’s flaunting this 2024 run while still insisting he won in 2020. He knows he’s leaving in January, but he’s a con-man to the end, evil down to the bone.

        Meanwhile the vapid, etc…3rd wife will probably be looking for and finding opportunities for deals to promote her “brand” in fashion, cologne, jewelry (whatever). Something tells me it will be awhile before she is completely gone. She’ll fail eventually, she’s just not a particularly interesting person.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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