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Open Thread | Want A Treat? Watch Sylvie’s Love

  If you have some time, and want to watch a good movie, I will suggest Sylvie’s Love on Amazon Prime. It stars Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha. I loved this movie. It was a relief. It was a joy. … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Where Are We Now?

It’s December 28th. We have a con-man grifting deranged narcissist as President. Even though he did everything that he could to cheat himself back to the Presidency a second time, 80 million Americans said – YOU GOTTA GO. Since November … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

3ChicsPolitico wishes all of our commenters, readers, followers, friends and guests a very Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with love, joy, good food and good cheer. Enjoy and stay safe. Some classics:

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Open Thread | Say It With Me- It Was DELIBERATE MALICE

When the history of this time is written, the complete DELIBERATE MALICE of this Administration will have to be noted. Even though we knew that it was true, because we were living through it in REAL TIME, so much of … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Lord, Grant Me the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man😒

I mean it. I have been reading a COVID-19 daily post over at Balloon Juice since March. That doesn’t mean that I can step to the people who have been studying and preparing for A COVID-19 like disease their professional … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend virtually with family and friends. Simply beautiful🥰 📸 A humpback whale surfaces near the Statue of Liberty in this photo taken from a boat on New York Harbor. — … Continue reading

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Open Thread | It’s Not Tears…..Just Dust😪😪

It’s been a hard year. So, let’s just share this sweet story:     I think everyone could use a lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At the beginning of the pandemic I went through some painful personal stuff … Continue reading

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Open Thread | President -Elect Biden’s Cabinet Choices…some thoughts

Make no mistake. The President-Elect, by virtue of his long career, and being someone who believes in the power of competent government, has to have been pained at watching the incompetence, malice and corruption of this Administration. So, for those … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Vaccine….

As I watched the first batches of the vaccine leave the plant, and get on a plane, I won’t lie – I was moved. I realized that I was moved because we have hope.   It was said about a … Continue reading

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Open Thread | COVID-19, Our Economy, and The Dangers Republicans Pose to All of Us

The greatest threat to this country is the Republican Party. While the REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE STOP ANOTHER COVID RELIEF BILL, the people suffer. They suffer because of unemployment. They suffer because of hunger. They suffer because their children aren’t … Continue reading

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