Open Thread | Where Are We Now?

It’s December 28th.

We have a con-man grifting deranged narcissist as President. Even though he did everything that he could to cheat himself back to the Presidency a second time, 80 million Americans said – YOU GOTTA GO.
Since November 3rd, we have watched, time and time again, his attempts at a coup. And,he has failed everytime. Not that he hasn’t tried.
Once again, our worthless MSM, who spent the better part of four years trying to normalize him, refuse to call out what he has been trying to do – which is an ILLEGAL COUP.

The peaceful transition of power, from one President to another, has been the bedrock of what is called the American Experiment. It was so important than Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a song about it in Hamilton – One Last Time.

We may disagree. We may philosophically be on opposite sides, but when it comes time to go from one Administration to the next, it happens.

Until this bunch of clowns. From that twit who refused to sign the papers acknowledging Biden’s win, thus denying 46 of transition funds AND SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION, to clowns up and down this Administration who have refused to do what each other previous Administration has done.

We are going to have to go back to these laws and make them laws. We have too much shyt that has been done because of ‘tradition’. Now that we know it was just ‘tradition’ and not laws, we need to make them laws. We see, with clear eyes, that all the bullshyt that the GOP has been talking all these years is just that – bullshyt.

They went along with every norm buster and busing of tradition that Dolt45 wanted to do. And, they did it willingly. They should be paid no mind, and not be allowed to say SHYT, after what they’ve done these past 4 years.

So, where are we?


We are at the point where Nancy Smash and her colleagues in the House passed a robust stimulus bill in MAY.


Moscow Mitch let it sit on his desk since then.
The ONLY reason why he let anything come up for a vote is because of the two Senate Seats in Georgia.

That’s the reason.

As it is, they cut down the $1200 to $600.
Unemployment benefits are about to run out for MILLIONS of Americans.

The Orange Menace just signed the piece of crap, like he has done sonething.
but, he’s vetoing the Defense Authorization Act.
He’s doing it not because of the re-naming of Confederate Statues…
But, because of the Shell Corporation legislation put into the bill.


MILLIONS are unemployed.
MILLIONS are hungry.
MILLIONS are about to be subject to eviction.

The entire government is on the brink of shutdown….AGAIN…

But, we have a MSM talking that ‘both sides, it’s the fault of CONGRESS’ bullshyt.

It’s NOT the fault of CONGRESS.




Never forget, in the midst of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression, the GOP chose ECONOMIC TREASON AGAINST THIS COUNTRY IN 2009.

So, why would you be surprised by what they are doing in 2020.

Come through, Georgia.
We need those Senate seats.

We need the ability to tell Moscow Mitch to go phuck himself. We cannot allow this piece of human garbage to hurt this country anymore than he already has.

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  1. Liza says:

    Damn. This made me mad. Something similar happened to me about 20 years ago when some elderly white woman accused me of stealing her purse in the women’s restroom at the Tucson Airport. Apparently she left it in a stall and she came back to the restroom totally hysterical. I’m leaving the same stall and she accuses me of stuffing it in my duffel bag and demands that I open it and return her purse. I told her it wasn’t in there and I don’t have it. She continues with her hysterics and just then someone came and told her the purse was in the lost and found. She never apologized to me, she just left. I remember overhearing another woman say, “I can’t believe what just happened.”

      • Liza says:

        This was clearly racially motivated.

        In my case, it wasn’t, because we were both white. And I don’t know what would have happened if that person hadn’t showed up with information about that lady’s purse. I remember trying to process it in my mind, being accused of stealing and facing a hysterical old woman. But as it turned out, the incident ended at that point.

        For this 14 year old boy, it’s quite different. And I hope he’s reassured that many people find his attackers behavior reprehensible and believe there should be consequences for it. But it’s also worth noting that as my case illustrates, some people are just horrible, nasty people. And there is no way to avoid them.

  2. Tyren M says:

    Happy Holidays 3Chics and readers. 23 more days!

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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