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Reverend William Barber Speaks at the Democratic National Convention

Rev. Barber took DNC folks to CHURCH.

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Marilyn Mosby Press Conference: Baltimore Police Killing of Freddie Gray | 3 Acquitted 3 Charges Dropped

So the SYSTEM used MODERN-DAY SLAVE-CATCHER Judge Williams to punish Marilyn Mosby, for having dared bring charges against the KILLER COPS. These MOFOS have the nerve to file a fucking lawsuit against State Attorney Mosby. 3 Chics stands by you, … Continue reading

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Video | First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2016 DNC Speech

I totally got you, FLOTUS. THE CHILDREN. I ain’t mad at you, First Lady Michelle Obama, because the Democratic Party has left us Hillary, and there is no one else you know that can Step into that White House and … Continue reading

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WNBA Players Speak Against Police Brutality

Well now, what do WNBA hope to gain with their antics of intimidation and attempts to SILENCE a league of predominately BLACK WOMEN for wearing T-Shirts with “BLACK LIVES MATTER’ and speaking out about POLICE KILLINGS of BLACKS? And COMPLETELY … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

Have a BLESSED Sumday, Everyone. Because I’m in a Malcolm X STATE OF MIND. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kf7fujM4ag

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The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks!

Alton Sterling’ son was on CBS this morning and was asked how he felt about police?   Now they are going after our children to help shoulder the burden of  their fears and bigotry.  And the parents of these children need to … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Hello BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, another week out here. Let’s keep LIVING, LEARNING & LOVING. 3 Chics has not and will NOT move on. Stop police brutality and murders!

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