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Tuesday Open Thread | Star Trek 50th Anniversary Week

More Star Trek!

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Monday Open Thread | Star Trek 50th Anniversary Week

Hello 3 Chics Family. This week’s featured posts pays homage to “Star Trek” which premiered 50 years ago on September 8, 1966 Please feel free to post some of your favorite episodes. Thank you! src=”https://ametia.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/star_trek_original_series_cast_monochrome_wallpaper_-_800x600.jpg?w=640″ alt=”star_trek_original_series_cast_monochrome_wallpaper_-_800x600″ width=”640″ height=”480″ class=”aligncenter size-large … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread

TGIF Alabama Lynching Memorial to confront U.S. history of slavery

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Monday Open Thread

Happy Monday, Everyone. The 2016 Rio games are over. Today we’ll feature highlights.

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Tuesday Open Thread

TIME TO BRING THE HAPPY. I love (SYTYCD) So You Think You Can Dance. This season the dancers are from the younger generation, and they’re paired with SYTYCD All-stars.

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Reverend William Barber Speaks at the Democratic National Convention

Rev. Barber took DNC folks to CHURCH. Updated

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Marilyn Mosby Press Conference: Baltimore Police Killing of Freddie Gray | 3 Acquitted 3 Charges Dropped

So the SYSTEM used MODERN-DAY SLAVE-CATCHER Judge Williams to punish Marilyn Mosby, for having dared bring charges against the KILLER COPS. These MOFOS have the nerve to file a fucking lawsuit against State Attorney Mosby. 3 Chics stands by you, … Continue reading

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