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Open Thread | Happy Birthday, Obamacare!

Ok..the ACA. But, it will forever be Obamacare to me. There are those who criticize President Obama for spending so much political capital in getting the ACA passed. But, they want to pretend that things weren’t as bad as they … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action

Breaking News: The Supreme Court rejected affirmative action at Harvard and UNC. The major ruling curtails race-conscious college admissions in the U.S., all but ensuring that elite institutions become whiter and more Asian and less Black and Latino. — … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Why Is Chief Justice Whining About the ‘Legitimacy’ of the Court? Far too Late

Chief Justice John Roberts had the nerve to give an interview where he was whining about the ‘possible loss’ of the legitimacy of the Court. Oh please. That ship has said with the three illegitimate people on the Court that … Continue reading

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