Open Thread | Why Is Chief Justice Whining About the ‘Legitimacy’ of the Court? Far too Late

Chief Justice John Roberts had the nerve to give an interview where he was whining about the ‘possible loss’ of the legitimacy of the Court. Oh please. That ship has said with the three illegitimate people on the Court that were installed by Dolt45.

And, then there was someone who brought receipts on John Roberts and his legacy…which will be that he oversaw the most rotten Court since Taney.

He wanted to thread the needle with Abortion; trying to do it as he had done Voting Rights – keep it on paper, but, hollow it out. But, the right lunatics would have none of that.

Roberts is all about appearances. Remember, he didn’t mind Dobbs – the heinous thing wasn’t stripping half this country of its body autonomy, it was the ‘leak’. A ‘ leak’ was more important than the case itself.


The truth is that it’s not just the Supreme Court. It’s that our Judiciary is full of Federalist Society hack judges. People completely unqualified to have a lifetime appointment to the Judicial Branch of this country, and whose ONLY qualification has been membership in the Federalist Society. Exhibit one is that Clown Cannon in Florida, who gave that ridiculous ruling for Dolt45 about the Special Master. Actually rated UNQUALIFIED, she got a lifetime appointment. And, she’s not the only one. Was part of a large group of those shoved through by Moscow Mitch.

The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About

Legal analysts lit up social media on Monday in response to the broad and potentially devastating order by Judge Aileen M. Cannon, a Donald Trump appointee to the Southern District of Florida, temporarily halting the criminal investigation of the former president and his alleged pilfering of classified documents. Her order further authorized a special master to identify and return the small fraction of materials seized in last month’s court-approved search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence that may belong to him. One analyst after another meticulously detailed the failings of Cannon’s reasoning: It was “untethered to the law,” “a political conclusion in search of a legal rationale,” “deeply problematic,” “laughably bad.” At some point, one truly runs out of euphemisms for lawless partisan hackery.

It’s possible to agree with every one of these criticisms but still find them less than satisfying. Because at the end of the day, no matter how much withering criticism she faces, Cannon still gets to put on the black robe and run interference for her benefactor. She will still get a standing ovation at some future Federalist Society gathering. She remains in control of this case. But it’s not just Cannon: Many smart lawyers also noted that the Justice Department now faces the unenviable task of having to appeal this decision up to higher courts that are filled with Trump appointees, which takes the sting out of the opprobrium: For all we know, the Trump-stacked 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals or five radical justices on the Supreme Court may also greet her outrageous decision with a standing ovation.

Not just a Supreme Court issue. The rot of the stench of the Federalist Society within our Judicial Branch.

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