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Videos | The TRUE Realities of the Republican Party

Two instructive videos for your perusal, folks! RACISM & WHITE SUMPREMACY REIGNS in AMERICA. And don’t be snookered by the GOP as the dead party. The Democratic Party feeds into the same realities, in wanting to MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO. … Continue reading

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Democratic Presidential Debate

*SIGH*  Here we go, folks!

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President Obama’s Remarks at the House Democratic Issues Retreat

President addresses the House Democrats at their annual retreat. Watch it here. and here http://www.c-span.org/video/?324074-1/president-obama-remarks-house-democratic-issues-conference    

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Video | House VOTES to Defund the Affordable Care Act or Threaten Government Shutdown: Vote 230 -189

House votes to fund government and defund the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, which is the LAW of the LAND 230-189. A victory of American people?  GTFOH John Boehner! Nancy Pelosi Condemns House measure defunding Obamacare Like I’ve been saying this vote … Continue reading

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2012 DNC Wrap Up – Day 2 & Must See Videos Of The Night

Ametia here. The energy in the Time Warner Arena slowly built up to a resounding CRESCENDO, once Former Bill Clinton hit the stage. And he went right into making the case for those pesky lil working class voters who still … Continue reading

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Hat tip DIGBY.  THANK YOU! Please feel free to comment on the graph. Why do you think there is such a cry for America to check it’s debt now? How do we rectify the national debt? Remember the S&P downgrading … Continue reading

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