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Open Thread | The CRT Governor of Virginia Pulls This Nonsense in Education

😠😠😠😠 This isn’t a surprise, but it still pisses me off. Black folks knew all about him😒 BREAKING: Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin unveils a new policy that will ban the teaching of Martin Luther King Jr. to elementary school … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | It’s Election Day – Get Out And Vote

Virginia, New Jersey – GET OUT AND VOTE Maine – Vote FOR the Medicaid expansion and help your neighbors get access to healthcare. Just reminders of why Democrats need to get out and vote: This is just a sampling of … Continue reading

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BREAKING! Eric Cantor LOSES Congressional Primary to Tea Party Candidate Dave Brat

Eric Cantor looses seat to TEA PARTY candidate Dave Brat.  You lie down with the dogs, they get up and keep moving, and you get the fleas and lie there scratching in DEFEAT! Eric Cantor succumbs to tea party challenger … Continue reading

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George Allen & Tim Kaine 2012 Virginia Senate Debate

Gerald Martineau for The Washington Post via Getty Images PART 1 PART 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Governor Bob ” TransVaginal Probe” McDonnell Chairs RNC Platform Committee

From USA Today The RNC just announced that Bob “trans-vaginal probe” McDonnell will be IN CHARGE of the RNC platform at the convention this year. McDonnell endorsed Mitt Romney in January and has been mentioned as a possible running mate … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Delivers the Commencement At Liberty University

(CBS)  WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney is to deliver the commencement address Saturday (today) at Virginia’s Liberty University, the largest evangelical college in the country. YOU GOT THAT LGBT COMMMUNITY? AUDIO WATCH IT LIVE HERE.  NOW Watch Willard BEND OVER and … Continue reading

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President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Weekend Campaign Rallies In Ohio & Virginia

HERE COMES THE “CLOSER” VCU RALLY CLIP HERE’S THE OBAMA’S RALLY SHCEDULE FOR TODAY. 10:35: PBO and Michelle Obama depart the White House 12:00: Arrive in Columbus, Ohio 1:20: PBO and Michelle Obama deliver remarks at a campaign event at … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow Recaps The GOP’s WAR On Women State By State


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Video | President Obama Delivers Remarks at Rolls-Royce Crosspointe Facility In Virginia

Updated with video Click here’s to view a three minute clip on Rolls Royce Crosspointe. Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, is proud to host President Obama today at its Crosspointe facility in Virginia. Crosspointe is a hub of advanced manufacturing and … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell VP = Vaginal Probes, Governor, Issues A POLICE STATE Against Virginia Women

The picture above shows how Virginia State Police greeted protesters for reproductive equality this weekend. On Saturday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, 31 people were arrested for marching to the Capitol and sitting down on the steps, where they were faced … Continue reading

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