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Mitt Romney Is Set To Begin His “Convention Reinvention” Today : You Can’t Sugarcoat This Experience!

The RNC will seek to highlight and sugarcoat Romney’s experience as a corporate buyout specialist—here’s what you need to know about Romney’s record at Bain Capital: http://bit.ly/RVeDDw ·        The DNC is out with a new video: “You didn’t build that—you … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over – ConventionReinvention.com & Sunday Show Wrap Up

CAST OF CHARACTERS RATED “N” FOR NOT GONNA WORK! UPDATED New York Times writes how Romney’s “convention re-invention” will include a desperate attempt to convince the middle class he actually cares about them by launching false attacks on issues like … Continue reading

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Governor Bob ” TransVaginal Probe” McDonnell Chairs RNC Platform Committee

From USA Today The RNC just announced that Bob “trans-vaginal probe” McDonnell will be IN CHARGE of the RNC platform at the convention this year. McDonnell endorsed Mitt Romney in January and has been mentioned as a possible running mate … Continue reading

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Video | President Obama Addresses The 2012 *NALEO Conference

UPDATE President Obama Addresses NALEO Conference: Live at 1:40pm (ET) on C-SPAN President Obama Rally in Tampa, FL: Live at 4:15pm (ET) on C-SPAN See NALEO Conference schedule here.

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