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Friday Open Thread | RNC Chair Reince Priebus was at Trump Tower when Trump team and Russia were plotting illegal RNC donations

PalmerReport Today a major new bombshell arrived in an existing Trump-Russia storyline, and it’s placed one long-curious aspect of the story in suspicious new context. Months ago it was revealed that the Donald Trump campaign met with Russian government representatives … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Is Set To Begin His “Convention Reinvention” Today : You Can’t Sugarcoat This Experience!

The RNC will seek to highlight and sugarcoat Romney’s experience as a corporate buyout specialist—here’s what you need to know about Romney’s record at Bain Capital: http://bit.ly/RVeDDw ·        The DNC is out with a new video: “You didn’t build that—you … Continue reading

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RYAN-ATKIN-ROMNEY Platform Strikingly Similar

Education: Obama for America is out today with a new TV spot titled “Children” that highlights the clear choice for voters between Mitt Romney and President Obama’s vision for public education. “Children” will air in Virginia and Ohio on Thursday: … Continue reading

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Governor Bob ” TransVaginal Probe” McDonnell Chairs RNC Platform Committee

From USA Today The RNC just announced that Bob “trans-vaginal probe” McDonnell will be IN CHARGE of the RNC platform at the convention this year. McDonnell endorsed Mitt Romney in January and has been mentioned as a possible running mate … Continue reading

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