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Miss Ann says that women need to ‘ WAKE UP’…yes, she actually did.

Miss Ann says that women need to WAKE UP. NO, seriously. From The Maddow Blog: Ann Romney demands women ‘wake up’ By Steve Benen Wed Sep 5, 2012 4:30 PM EDT. Ann Romney was in Ohio this morning, sounding a … Continue reading

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RYAN-ATKIN-ROMNEY Platform Strikingly Similar

Education: Obama for America is out today with a new TV spot titled “Children” that highlights the clear choice for voters between Mitt Romney and President Obama’s vision for public education. “Children” will air in Virginia and Ohio on Thursday: … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan: A GENERAL in the GOP War on Women

Updated with video Cynthia Tucker lays it out on Ryan-Akin

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President Obama Speaks In Denver & Grand Junction & Pueblo Colorado

UPDATE: U.S. President Barack Obama (L) kisses Virginia Romero, mother of Robert Romero (background), who owns Romero’s Cafe in Pueblo, Colorado, August 9, 2012. Obama is in Colorado for a two-day campaign trip. Update: 12:45:    Aguust 9, President Obama delivers … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz Interviews Vice President Joe Biden – 4-12-12


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Governor Bob ” Trans Vaggie Probe” McDonnell Claims Private Sector Responsible For VA Job Growth & Women’s Reproductive Rights…Well Jobs Come First…REALLY?

Bob McDonnell & the rest of the WHITE, STRAIGHT, RICH, MALES wants US to BELIEVE (WOMEN) that we are more concerned with jobs, the economy, and the debt for our children, than the FREEDOM to control our own BODIES. GTFOH … Continue reading

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Audio | Mitt Romney Won’t Say Whether He Supports Fair Pay For Women Law

  You’re not going to give 3 Chics the finger on this one, Mitt Romney. From TPM:   “On a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning, campaign aides for Gov. Mitt Romney were unable to say affirmitively whether Romney supports the … Continue reading

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Reince Priebus Compare Women to Caterpilla​rs

Bloomberg.com The leaders of the two political parties clashed over the role of gender in U.S. elections, with the Democrat saying her opponents have been “shockingly out of touch” on women’s issues and the Republican saying Democrats and the media … Continue reading

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N.C. County Commissioners: We’re sick and tired of using taxpayer funds to assist women who can’t keep their legs closed.

Talking Points Memo OMFG! The republican party has gone mad. You’re witnessing the implosion of the republican party right before our eyes! Notice all of this rhetoric is directed at women only? There is NOTHING directed at Men. Wanna know … Continue reading

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Terry England (R) Georgia Representative Compares Women to Farm Animals| In The Name of The FETUS

Terry England compares women to cows, pigs, chickens A high risk pregnancy brings fear to the hearts of most couples. When a doctor tells a woman that her unborn child’s brain is not forming or that an organ has grown … Continue reading

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