Governor Bob ” Trans Vaggie Probe” McDonnell Claims Private Sector Responsible For VA Job Growth & Women’s Reproductive Rights…Well Jobs Come First…REALLY?

Bob McDonnell & the rest of the WHITE, STRAIGHT, RICH, MALES wants US to BELIEVE (WOMEN) that we are more concerned with jobs, the economy, and the debt for our children, than the FREEDOM to control our own BODIES. GTFOH

NO BOBBIE BOY; “PHYSICAL” ISSUES WILL ALSO DOMINATE THE 2012 ELECTIONS. Read here on the history of Virgina’s acceptance/declined stimulus drama

And as to your claims of private sector growth, let’s look into why  you didn’t mention PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS:

FEATURE: Despite recovery, US public employees face more layoffs

April 8 (Reuters) – Since 2009, the city of Chesapeake, tucked up against the Great Dismal Swamp in southern Virginia, has cut its workforce twice. This summer, nearly three years after the recession ended, the city of 222,209 has plans for a third round of layoffs.

“We’re not seeing the recovery we want to see,” said Budget Director Steven Jenkins, who is hoping many of the 20 people will move into other jobs.

The city’s revenues are still feeling the concussions from the housing market downturn, which started in 2006, even as overall growth in the United States has improved.

“We are heavily reliant on the residential real estate market,” said Jenkins. In a recent assessment the average property value dropped 3.7 percent, which hits property taxes, and hurts government budgets. “The reassessment we just had was as big as any we’ve seen since the recession started.”

While Friday’s report of weak growth in U.S. March payrolls raised concerns about the pace of private-sector hiring, local government jobs remain a drag on the recovery, one that is not anticipated to end soon.

Your attempts at painting a rosy picture of Virginia and jobs is NOT going to erase what you did to ASSAULT WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, BOB MCDONNELL!

Let’s remind Mr. Vagianl Probe what’s going on in Virginia with Women’s Reproductive rights, shall we?

Governor Bob McDonnell Signs Forced Ultrasound Bill, Raising Costs and Time Involved in Abortion Care

After weeks of protest in the state of Virginia and nationally, Governor Bob McDonnell signs a bill forcing women to have and pay out of pocket for an expensive and often medically-unnecessary medical procedure before they can terminate a pregnancy. McDonnell, in taking all choice and power out of the hands of women and the medical professionals they have entrusted with their care, calls the bill an “effort to empower women.”

The bill, originally amended to remove a provision requiring a trans-vaginal ultrasound, which we contend constituted state-sponsored rape, now requires an abdominal ultrasound. The latter procedure is virtually useless for many early terminations of pregnancy because the embryo is not visible through abdominal ultrasound. The bill does say that “should a trans-vaginal ultrasound be needed, the doctor is required to offer it but the woman is allowed to refuse it.

Mandating an ultrasound that is not medically necessary of course ensures that you are both raising the costs of an abortion and also passing the costs onto the woman, because insurance will not cover medically unnecessary procedures.

“Faced with the opposition of 55 % of Virginians, 33,000 petition signatures, and thousands of protestors on Capitol Square, McDonnell chose to answer the calls of extremists in his own party rather than those of his constituents. This move makes clear that Bob McDonnell prioritizes his national political aspirations over the well being of Virginia families.”


Now if you GOPBAGGERS are concerned about women and jobs, like you CLAIM you are; TAKE NOTE here:

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