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Mitt Romney’s BROKEN PROMISES | Examining Romney’s Massachusetts Governor Economic Record Claims

Mitt Romney, “Corporate Buy-out Specialist” (LOL) I love this title, has consistently claimed that his business experience taught him lessons that will result in economic growth for the country.  Let’s examine his claims, shall we? CHECK OUT THE NEW ONLINE … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Thursday Open Thread | “Summertime” Week!

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

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GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

Starting out with a video highlighting the GOP’S PRIMARY GOAL from day one. Paul Weyrich, ALEC FOUNDER WI Senator Lena Taylor’s TRUTH-TELLING. Please take a look at this interactive map.  It gives details of the current status of voter laws … Continue reading

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GOP SuperPacs, Koch Brothers & Karl Rove Pledge Spending $1 Billion To Defeat President Obama

YOUR AMERICAN ELECTION PROCESSS ON CITIZENS UNITED 3 Chics is highlighting 3 articles of interest for your perusal.  Please pass on the links via FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. From Politico–  GOP groups plan $1 billion blitz Republican super PACs and … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Governor’s Record = 47th In Job Creation | A “SEVERELY” Republican Governor

Notice if you check out the Wikipedia page on Governor Romney, IT.HAS.BEEN.SCRUBBED! Lots of research and links that conservatives gathered against Governor Romney as a GOP presidential candidate.  Check it out here.  Time to examine Mitt Romney’s RECORD as Governor of Massachussetts. … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread| ‘Summertime” Week

Happy HUMP day, Everyone! :-) See how the media has latched their eyes on to the next shiny object? IT’S BAIN, YOU ID-GITS, TRUMP IS A DISTRACTION!

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Video & Photos | President Obama Honors 2012 Presidential Medal Of Freedom Winners

President Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients Remarks by the President at Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Owe Their Jobs to The Recovery Act…MEANWHILE Here’s A Recap of Romney’s ECONOMIC PLAN: The Ryan Budget Plan For America

New CBO Report Finds Hundreds of Thousands of People Still Owe Their Jobs to the Recovery Act A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) increased the number of people employed by … Continue reading

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How Mitt Romney’s Embrace of Birther-in​-Chief Donald Trump is Playing…

  As Mitt Romney prepares to become the bonafide GOP Presidential candidate tonight after the Texas primary, his obvious scheme to hide behind John “Grampy” McCain yesterday in San Diego and tonight at a Las Vegas Fundraiser with Donald the … Continue reading

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Willard Romney’s Lies of the Week

It’s time for Willard’s Lies of the week. Once again, I will point out the site on the blog roll: Romney The Liar: because there are Liars, Damn Liars, and then there’s Mitt Romney. Steve Benen, now at The Maddow … Continue reading

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