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Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester: Next Time, We Might Have To Kill Him

Donald Trump is dangerous for America. But what does the US media do? Continue to give him a platform to spread his hate. These people are wicked beyond description. If a black Presidential candidate was saying the things Trump says … Continue reading

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Racist Bigot to #BlackLivesMatter Protesters: ‘I kill, b*tch’

An angry racist man who claims to be a U.S. Marine can be seen harassing and threatening a group of Black Lives Matter protesters and hammering them with racist abuse. The man reportedly turned up at the BLM protest carrying … Continue reading

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Donald Trump nodded to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in this country & the US Media remained silent. CALL IT OUT!

Ethnic cleansing of Muslims from this country? Donald Trump is dangerous to the country. We will NOT be distracted by the media’s narrative about Trump not being obligated to defend Potus meme. Trump nodded to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread | Klan Training Camp

The Ku Klux Klan is encouraging interested citizens to attend a five-day training camp later this month, where students will study leadership skills intended to help them become better advocates of white supremacy in their own communities. Listed under “national … Continue reading

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Rep Steve King can’t answer the question if he likes Latinos

CNN host Kate Bolduan asked Rep Steve King a simple question. “Do you just not like Latinos”?

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Senator Nina Turner Speaking TRUTH to Power On Ohio Voter Suppression

Videos of African Americans speaking out against VOTER SUPPRESSION & POLL TAXES

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How Mitt Romney’s Embrace of Birther-in​-Chief Donald Trump is Playing…

  As Mitt Romney prepares to become the bonafide GOP Presidential candidate tonight after the Texas primary, his obvious scheme to hide behind John “Grampy” McCain yesterday in San Diego and tonight at a Las Vegas Fundraiser with Donald the … Continue reading

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North Carolina Clergy Rebukes The Media & Delivers The RIGHT QUESTIONS To Ask About North Carolina Amendment One

We here at 3 Chics Politico have our own views on Gay marriage. This posts speaks to my (AMETIA’s) views. Tuesday, May 8, the North Carolina voters go the polls and will vote on Amendment One. Amendment One.  North Carolina Senate … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Goes There… First “BLAH PEOPLE” & Now This Is What Candiate Barack Obama is Like “Anti-War GOVERNMENT NIGG…A”…

RICK SANTORUM, YOU’RE COOKED, FRIED, STICK A FORK IN YOUR ASS, YOU’RE DONE! OUTTA HERE AND SO IS THE SO-CALLED REPUBLICAN PARTY! If Rick Santorum was banking on stirring up the rabid GOP base for next Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin … Continue reading

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