North Carolina Clergy Rebukes The Media & Delivers The RIGHT QUESTIONS To Ask About North Carolina Amendment One

We here at 3 Chics Politico have our own views on Gay marriage. This posts speaks to my (AMETIA’s) views.

Tuesday, May 8, the North Carolina voters go the polls and will vote on Amendment One.

Amendment One. 

North Carolina Senate Bill 514 (2011) (also called Amendment 1) proposes to amend the North Carolina Constitution to limit the types of domestic unions valid or recognized.[1] Sponsored by Republican Sen. Peter Brunstetter, the bill was passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in September 2011.[2] As a result, citizens of North Carolina will be voting on the amendment on May 8, 2012.[3]

North Carolina is the only US southern state that does not have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions.[4] State law, however, already defines marriage as being between men and women.[5]

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber: YOU CAN’T VOTE ON RELIGION. AMEN!

Every sane American should view this video and ask the right questions.


Do you want to go backwards?

Do you believe in a states rights strategy that seeks to trumps the federal protections of the 14th amendment? 

Do you believe by popular vote the majority should get to decide the rights of the minority? That’s a dangerous precedent.

Do you want to vote on an amendment that makes the only  domestic union between a man and a women, and thereby undermining the rights of other  couples, and the rights of children and the rights of  possible victims of domestic violence?

And I’m damn sick of the whiney folks belly aching about POTUS not coming out and saying he supports Same sex marriage. He has already said he supports every American have full and equal rights allowed under the LAW. See the difference here? Marriage is a religious act.  LGBT groups need to get their asses out there and DO THE WORK, because if y’all think you’re going to scapegoat black folks like Californians did for Prop 8, you’ve got another thing coming.

And please, pray tell, exactly who do they think the alternative is to President Obama, when it comes to LGBT rights?

Don’t buy the media’s “The President’s got to come out and address this issue.” It’s bullshit!  Go do your homework and educate yourselves on all that President Obama has done to ensure All Americans have equal rights afforded under the laws of our US Constitution.

Please feel free to drop a comment, if you wish! Thanks.

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21 Responses to North Carolina Clergy Rebukes The Media & Delivers The RIGHT QUESTIONS To Ask About North Carolina Amendment One

  1. Ametia says:

    Obama ‘disappointed’ in North Carolina gay marriage ban passage

    By BYRON TAU |
    5/8/12 10:44 PM EDT

    President Obama’s reelection campaign is expressing their disappointment that North Carolina voters have decided to add a gay marriage amendment to the state’s constitution.

    “The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples,” Obama’s North Carolina spokesman Cameron French said in a statement.

    “He believes the North Carolina measure singles out and discriminates against committed gay and lesbian couples, which is why he did not support it. President Obama has long believed that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as straight couples and is disappointed in the passage of this amendment,” French said.

    The AP reported Tuesday that the measure, called Amendment 1, passed by North Carolina voters. Obama has faced renewed questions about his ‘evolving’ stance on same-sex marriage in the wake of Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks Sunday that he was “comfortable” with gay marriage. The Obama campaign first announced their opposition to the measure in March.

  2. Ametia says:

    North Carolina voters approve a referendum to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, CNN projects.

    State law already does not permit such unions. Passage of Amendment 1 largely prevents the state’s judiciary from overturning the bill by enshrining its language into the state constitution.

    Thirty states previously voted in favor of constitutional amendments that seek to defend traditional definitions of marriage as a heterosexual union.

    • TheShyLurker says:

      I hope they’re happy now.
      You break, you buy.

      I’m not trying to hear the media spin blaming black folks for this shit again either. We know they’ve been telegraphing an out to scapegoat those of the ‘blah’ persuasion. I know asses are gonna be lit up for pushing this bullcrap – I can feel it.

      • Ametia says:

        Hi ShyLurker. I hear you, and I ain’t trying to hear squat about how black folks didn’t vote against this shyt load of hate either.

        These gay folks better recognize who the DEVILS are. They are rich white men who write these laws and pay big $$$ to get them on the books and passed. And what do the voters do?

        They buy the bullshit, say, yes, it smells good, unitl they have big helpings of it, spit it out and call it exactly what it is. HATEFUL, BIGOTED, BULLSHIT. So get the fuck out of here with Black folks voting against anything!

  3. johnnie stallings says:

    I know God sent me to your site. i just heard about Rev.Barber at 11:00 am and I just got settle to read your site and hear it is .” Miss I agree he should be tried for treason “” azz whoopin began when she open her mouth. cain, west forget to tell her that when a skunk like them pour white paint on themselves the stink still comes out of their mouth. I bet somebody got her picture we know it was a plant.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Ms. johnnie. So good to see you. Folks had better stay awake; there’s no time for dozing off here.

      • johnnie stallings says:

        JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I HEARD IT ALL!!! rev jesse l peterson saying women should have never had the right to vote. because women are slut and whores who can’t stand up under can find it under hannity show . Please say some of those ugly words for me(smile) this skunk need 4 gallons of white paint and the stink is coming out of his ragged mouth.COON OF THE YEAR.

  4. Ametia says:

    NC in the national spotlight as voters weigh in on gay marriage ban in state’s constitution

    By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, May 8, 2:34 AM

    RALEIGH, N.C. — The national debate over gay marriage turns its attention South on Tuesday, as North Carolina could be on the verge of becoming the next state to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

    In the final days before the vote, members of President Barack Obama’s cabinet expressed support for gay marriage and former President Bill Clinton recorded phone messages urging voters to oppose the amendment.

    Supporters of the amendment responded with marches, television ads and speeches, including one by Jay Bakker, son of late televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. The Rev. Billy Graham was featured in full-page newspaper ads backing the amendment.

    Experts expect the measure to pass, despite the state’s long history of moderate politics.

  5. Ametia says:


  6. Ed Espinoza ‏ @EdEspinoza:

    Obama has appointed more than 225 openly LGBT professionals, more than all other administrations combined.

    • Ametia says:

      It’s NOT enough. They want him to perform the wedding ceremony! That will be proof for a while, until the next order.

    • Ametia says:

      If it isn’t this issue, it would be another. They’ll always feel they can do this, they’re ENTITLED don’t cha know!

  7. Ametia says:

    THIS: “The best case laid out in defense of the gay and Lesbian community ever! here is a simple logo “however you feel about same sex marriage religiously or personally or morally, you can be for or against,you should always be against division and hatred and discrimination being written into the constitution.”

    Unfortunately, when these hateful laws and amendments are tacked on to the voting ballots, and are passed, the very folks who want them voted down start showing their true colors and spew the hate and scapegoat black folks! GTFOH

  8. Preach it, sista!

    President Obama has done MORE than any other President EVER on gay issues. Get with it or get everything he has done repealed by the GOP. If Mitt Romney becomes President, it won’t matter one iota whether President Obama evolves or not. The republicans sure aren’t going to do a damn thing about gay issues. You can bank THAT!

    • Ametia says:

      Thanks for you comment, SG2. This is huge. The Rev. threw down the FACTS. It’s what I’ve wanted to articulate, but he did it with candor, grace, and forthrightness. It was important message for a member of the clergy to send out.

      NC voters better get their asses to the polls and vote for their beliefs. Don’t expect the Black President to come down there and blacken the oval on your ballots for ya!

  9. Ametia says:

    We need to ask the right questions and let folks know who is behind these HATEFUL AMENDMENTS.

  10. Ametia says:

    Every cable station is airing the Obama betta come out and speak on same sex marriage! PBO knows the law, and he is not for codifying hate and division. His records proves this, but action means nothing to some of these ever-complaining, whiney, entitled folks.

    • The President’s action speaks louder than any words. This is no fking game. The republicans and tea party are playing for keeps. These people better get with the program or find themselves right back at DADT.

      • Ametia says:

        The very thought of that cooning negro calling treason for PBO just irritates me to no end. She needs a royal AZZ WHOOPIN. Talk about restoring the Constitution. What the fuck do folk think the GOp’s been doing since they won the majority? FUCKING WITH THE CONSTITUTION!

      • Tell it! That woman indeed needs a royal ass whoopin. Where da hell has she been living? And she’s lower than a snake if she took money to accuse the black President of treason. Does she know the Constitution had to be amended to include her black ass?!

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