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Video | 2012 National Agenda With David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tPnX7OPo0Q] Ed Schultz, Bernie Sanders & CO, and the rest of the OMG! HAIR ON FIRE DEMS AND PROGRESSIVES, PLEASE quit IT! You watch the hour long video above and draw your own consclusions from what David Plouffe was saying. … Continue reading

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North Carolina Clergy Rebukes The Media & Delivers The RIGHT QUESTIONS To Ask About North Carolina Amendment One

We here at 3 Chics Politico have our own views on Gay marriage. This posts speaks to my (AMETIA’s) views. Tuesday, May 8, the North Carolina voters go the polls and will vote on Amendment One. Amendment One.  North Carolina Senate … Continue reading

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President Obama & Those “POLL” DANCERS” PLAY “CRICKETS” On Latest Favorability Polls

So we have a MEDIA BLACKOUT on President Obama’s current poll numbers.  Why?  BECAUSE THE FAVORABILITY NUMBERS ARE SKY HIGH, THAT’S WHY!  Not suprising, though.  3 Chics is used to scouring the Internet.  Found this link to a video touting PBO’s … Continue reading

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David Axelrod Exposes Conservative Media BIAS in POLLS | The MEDIA MUPPETS Can Take Their POLLS And Shove It

MEMO FROM DAVID AXLEROD David Axelrod Exposes Conservative Media Bias In Poll Stories TO: Sunday Show Producers FR: David Axelrod, Senior Strategist September 16, 2011 Public polling released this week makes clear that Americans strongly agree with the President’s plan to … Continue reading

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First Lady Michelle Obama on TJMS

The First Lady Michelle Obama is on the campaign trail working hard to get you to the polls for the very important midterm elections. Check out the interview here: It takes a village to change a country. And we’re at … Continue reading

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