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Videos | The TRUE Realities of the Republican Party

Two instructive videos for your perusal, folks! RACISM & WHITE SUMPREMACY REIGNS in AMERICA. And don’t be snookered by the GOP as the dead party. The Democratic Party feeds into the same realities, in wanting to MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO. … Continue reading

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Republican “Mo-Fo” Brooks Says Dems Have “Declared War on White People”

First off 3 Chics has a gift for Mo and his cohorts who are screaming about War on WHITES! And we mean an ocean not a river… Let’s call a SPADE a SPADE, MO. Blacks and other POC don’t cower, … Continue reading

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BREAKING! Eric Cantor LOSES Congressional Primary to Tea Party Candidate Dave Brat

Eric Cantor looses seat to TEA PARTY candidate Dave Brat.  You lie down with the dogs, they get up and keep moving, and you get the fleas and lie there scratching in DEFEAT! Eric Cantor succumbs to tea party challenger … Continue reading

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Video | GOP (GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY) Raising Money off Benghazi Tragedy

We know that the fake investigations launched by Darell Isa and now House Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy is a political ploy to distract from their “OBSTRUCT & DO NOTHING” agenda. But now they’ve taken it to an all time LOW … Continue reading

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Video | House VOTES to Defund the Affordable Care Act or Threaten Government Shutdown: Vote 230 -189

House votes to fund government and defund the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, which is the LAW of the LAND 230-189. A victory of American people?  GTFOH John Boehner! Nancy Pelosi Condemns House measure defunding Obamacare Like I’ve been saying this vote … Continue reading

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Tell House Republicans: ENOUGH ALREADY!

Tell House Republicans: Enough Already OFA is running this TV ad to call out the House Republicans who are threatening to shut down the government and sabotage our economy if we don’t defund Obamacare.

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Video | President Obama’s CNN Interview with Chris Cumo

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Congress Has Two Jobs, But Too ‘Worried About’ ‘Rush Limbaugh’ to Do Them.” Transcript of interview & other segments of it on this link.

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