President Obama & Those “POLL” DANCERS” PLAY “CRICKETS” On Latest Favorability Polls

So we have a MEDIA BLACKOUT on President Obama’s current poll numbers.  Why?  BECAUSE THE FAVORABILITY NUMBERS ARE SKY HIGH, THAT’S WHY!  Not suprising, though.  3 Chics is used to scouring the Internet.  Found this link to a video touting PBO’s favorable poll numbers, but not without a bent on Romney’s chances of gaining, or how Romney’s better for fixing the economy, etc… and  how Obama is still vulnerable on the economy.

From the Washinton Post


Remember that  Pew Study that was conducted last year on media coverage of the 2012 of the presidential candidates?

Read the full report here.

Check out the lastes poll numbers here.

A rare CNN moment here:

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4 Responses to President Obama & Those “POLL” DANCERS” PLAY “CRICKETS” On Latest Favorability Polls

  1. ***dead*** @ “POLL” DANCERS”! lol


    • Ametia says:

      LOL I couldn’t resist. That’s how the “SLUTTY” the media has become. They can’t report and cover the POSITIVES; it’s toomuch like TRUTH for’em!


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