First Lady Michelle Obama on TJMS

The First Lady Michelle Obama is on the campaign trail working hard to get you to the polls for the very important midterm elections. Check out the interview here:

It takes a village to change a country. And we’re at that point now where we’re in the mid-terms, and a lot of people don’t pay attention to the mid-terms because they think, well, when a president is elected, that’s what an election is all about. But this is critical because Congress shapes the laws, and the president can only sign the bills that come across his desk that are passed by Congress. And this is the time when we’re electing folks to office that are either going to work with the president or they’re going to work against him.

3Chics Politico cannot stress enough how important it is to get out and rock your vote!

 Ametia: Watch the slicksters, liars, cheats, and haters, everyone.

They will try every stinking trick in the book to suppress, and outright steal the BLACK VOTE!!!!! 

Get yourselves registred, have your ID, have a legit address, etc. And don’t let anybody at the polls, on the phones, tvs, hell, in the grocery stores, tell you you that your vote will not make a difference, and you that can’t vote.

SouthernGirl2: They want to suppress black voters. In their mind, it’s like if black people vote then it’s a fraud. Wake up America! These folks don’t want your black face voting at all.

Your Vote is your sword & packs power! Rock The Vote!

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  1. rikyrah says:

    she rocks, plain and simple.


  2. Michelle Obama Stumps For Russ Feingold
    CHICAGO — First lady Michelle Obama returned to the campaign trail Wednesday for the first time in nearly two years, raising money for an Illinois Democrat locked in a close race for the U.S. Senate seat once held by her husband, President Barack Obama.

    It’s the latest helping hand from the White House for state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who’s facing Republican Mark Kirk, a five-term congressman, in the Nov. 2 election. The president headlined his second fundraiser for Giannoulias last week.

    The first lady, who stumped in Wisconsin earlier Wednesday for Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, said Giannoulias would make a “phenomenal” senator.

    “We need this man in Washington,” she told a roomful of supporters at a private club in downtown Chicago.

    The two-state Midwest swing was the first time the popular first lady has hit the campaign trail since her husband’s 2008 election.

    Over the next two weeks, she has other stops planned in Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Washington, California and a joint rally Sunday with her husband in Ohio.

    Obama talked about her husband’s accomplishments in office but acknowledged there was still work to be done.

    “Barack knows that too many folks are out of work right now,” she said.

    The first lady said Obama needs allies in Washington like Giannoulias and supporters like those at the fundraiser.

  3. Ametia says:

    Michelle Obama hits campaign trail for Democrats

    By Nia -Malika Henderson
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, October 13, 2010; 5:04 PM

    MILWAUKEE – In her first campaign swing for the November elections, first lady Michelle Obama made the political personal, harkening back to her days growing up in Chicago, recalling the electricity of the 2008 presidential campaign and telling an audience of Democratic donors that her understanding of the issues of the day comes down to her role as a mother.

    “You see, more than anything else, I come at this stuff, more, as a mom,” she said Wednesday in Wisconsin. “When I think about the issues facing our nation, I think about what it means. And I think about what it means for the world we’re leaving for them and for all our children. As I travel around this country, and look into the eyes of every single child I meet, I see clearly what’s at stake.”

    Her remarks marked her first full foray into the midterm campaign and came in a state where Sen. Russ Feingold (D) is battling Republican Ron Johnson to keep his seat. While Feingold is ahead in fundraising, his popularity has lagged in most polls.

    Held at the U.S. Cellular center in downtown Milwaukee, the event attracted about 500 people who paid $250 to $500 for a ticket.

    In her speech, which ran about 20 minutes, Obama took a page from her address two years ago at the Democratic National Convention, mentioning her family and the president’s remarks that “we all want to leave something better for our kids.”

  4. dannie22 says:

    Look at that photo of FLOTUS. She’s gorgeous. Even Thomas Jefferson is checking her out. Lol!!!!!!!!

  5. Ametia says:


  6. dannie22 says:

    First of all, Michelle Obama is a STUNNING WOMAN !!!!!

    The msm is doing everything they can in order to make us think that the repubs are gonna win in a landslide election. The msm wants black folks to believe that we aren’t going to vote. And PBO and FLOTUS have to work overtime to get out the message that our vote counts.
    The media is scared that we will vote. They should be scared. Cause we are going to put the vote over the top.

  7. Democrats unleash their secret weapon on the campaign trail

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s now the home stretch of campaign season as the mid-term elections are only weeks away.

    On Tuesday, President Obama stepped up his attacks on anonymous campaign donations made by corporate interests.

    But Democrats are about to unleash their secret weapon. First lady Michelle Obama will hit the campaign trail on Wednesday for the first time since stumping for her husband in 2008.

    She’ll headline a fundraiser in Milwaukee for Senator Russ Feingold who’s struggling in his re-election bid before heading to Chicago. The first lady says she’s fired up and ready to hit the road and democrats are just as eager to have her.

    “She should be deployed as much as she’s willing and able to help the cause,” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D – Virginia) said.

    All 435 seats in the House and 37 Senate seats are up for grabs. Control of Congress will likely come down to who wins some key battleground states.

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA HA “Democrats unleash their secret weapon on the campaign trail”

      That’s an interesting title for that article. FLOTUS has never been un a leash. she’s been serving Americans since day one, and they know it!

  8. Michelle Obama hits campaign trail for first time since 2008

    Michelle Obama has hit the campaign trail for the first time since 2008 in a bid to keep the Democrats in power and preserve her husband’s agenda.

    The First Lady began a hectic schedule of ten events in seven states over 12 days which is likely to be extended as polling day approaches on November 2.

    She has avoided travel on weekends in order to be with the couple’s two daughters, and has turned down multiple offers from congressional candidates anxious about retaining their seats.
    With popularity ratings well above her husband’s, she is often in greater demand.

    Since coming to Washington she has avoided politics and earned plaudits for a campaign against child obesity.

    But last week she declared herself “fired up and ready to go” to do her part to help Democrats retain control of Congress.

    In prepared remarks, she said that her hopes for her children’s future “are at the heart of every single thing I do”. “And that’s really why I’m here today.” Mrs Obama was recently crowned the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

    She was due to headline a fund-raiser in Milwaukee for Sen Russ Feingold, who is in a difficult re-election battle for a fourth term, before travelling to her home city of Chicago to speak for Alexi Giannoulias, the Democratic senate candidate.

    • Ametia says:

      ROCK.IT. FLOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We know they’re scurred, and they’d betta be scurred, because black folks know how feeble minded, insecure, and fearful these crazy folks can be. We know the games they play to maintain the white status quo.

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