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Video | Scout Prouty 47% Romney Videographer-Ed Schultz Interview

Scott Prouty, you did America proud. Stand up American and true a PATRIOT THANKS YOU! Scott Prouty, Exclusive interview with ED Shultz FULL VIDEO *EXCERPTS Will post full video when available. Recap, as if we really needed to see and … Continue reading

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Video | 2012 National Agenda With David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tPnX7OPo0Q] Ed Schultz, Bernie Sanders & CO, and the rest of the OMG! HAIR ON FIRE DEMS AND PROGRESSIVES, PLEASE quit IT! You watch the hour long video above and draw your own consclusions from what David Plouffe was saying. … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Has Not Released His Tax Returns Or A Clear Vision For American, Releases Race-Baiting- FEAR THE NEGRO Tactics Instead

9 Things to Know About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns With less than 2 weeks to go in the presidential election, Mitt Romney still hasn’t released his TAX RETURNS. Mother Jones has released the 47% video. Mitt LIED & BULLIED his … Continue reading

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Video | Lil Eddie Munster Ryan Storms Out of The Haunted House During Interview

A Reporter asked Paul Ryan a questions about cutting taxes, and he cannot relate, handlers and he scatter and would not answer the question. Wasn’t the question related to the topic? Of course the church is everyone’s savior, including Atheist, … Continue reading

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Videos | Mitt Romney & “THOSE PEOPLE”

Mitt Romeny: “Too many Americans are struggling to find work or are living paycheck to paycheck. Mitt Romney will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years and help lift families out of poverty, while strengthening the middle … Continue reading

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3 Chics’ Friday Blogger Round-Up: Mitt Romney’s “INELEGANT” Fantasy Land

       ABRACADABRA!  I’ OIN’T KNOW? Mitt Romney thinks that more than half of all Americans, including senior citizens,  don’t “care for their lives.” Obama for America has released a video that gives voice to some of the “victims” Romney … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Knows All About “Mooching” & “Government “Handouts” He’s A Master At It | Campaign $11 Million In Debt!

From LA Times: Romney campaign took out $20-million loan, still owes $11 million WASHINGTON — Hamstrung by campaign finance laws, the Mitt Romney campaign sought a $20-million loan last month, a campaign official confirmed Tuesday, of which $11 million still … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Thoughts on the Middle Class … YOU KNOW THAT 47% He’s NOT WORRIED ABOUT

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