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Mitt Romney Has Not Released His Tax Returns Or A Clear Vision For American, Releases Race-Baiting- FEAR THE NEGRO Tactics Instead

9 Things to Know About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns With less than 2 weeks to go in the presidential election, Mitt Romney still hasn’t released his TAX RETURNS. Mother Jones has released the 47% video. Mitt LIED & BULLIED his … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s “CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, MY FRIENDS” & “I’m Not A Business” Means Americans Can’t See His Tax Returns

After famously declaring that corporations are people, what is the reason Mitt Romney gave today as to why the American people don’t deserve to see his tax returns? He’s “not a business” Remember this? WHY ARE YOU BEING INTERVIEWED BY … Continue reading

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Video RECAP | Mitt Romney’s Jobs Record In Swing States: Bain Is To Blame; Tax Havens Is The Game

American voters in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, need look no further than Mitt Romney’s DISMAL record on job growth/job destruction and his plans for tax cuts. UNDERSTANDS BRIEFCASE STAGE Loris and Ampad STEEL DONNIE OVERSEAS BANKRUPT ***The New … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Can Run, But He Can Never Hide From His SHAMEFUL Business Past Of Job Losses, Massive Debt & Outsourcing

“In both the public and private sectors, Mitt Romney’s record is one of outsourcing, job losses, and massive debt. As a corporate buyout specialist, Romney loaded companies up with debt, driving several into bankruptcy while he made millions for himself, … Continue reading

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Video | Romney Campaingn Claims He “RETROACTIVELY RETIRED” | Americans Have Their Say & So A Does 2001 YouTube Clip Introducing Him As CEO Of Bain!

Really, Ed Gillespie? So you’re saying Mitt Romney bears no RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for Bain-owned companies that went OUTSOURCED jobs and companies that went BANKRUPT, even though Mitt Romney was legally responsible for its action from 1999-2002? Let’s hear what Americans … Continue reading

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Videos | Mitt Romney: CALLING ALL TAX RETURNS! What Is Mitt Romney Hiding?

IS THIS WHAT MITT ROMNEY IS HIDING? Check out  the Truth Team’s breakdown of how Mitt Romney’s economic plans would create  800,000 jobs overseas. Mitt Romney refuses to release his tax returns because he doesn’t want the American people to know … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Throws Shade On Blacks After Addressing NAACP : IF “THEY” (THE BLACKS) Want More Free Stuff; Vote For The Other Guy”

Not gonna work, Mitt Romney.  A multitude of Black folks got your number.  Your Mormonism is showing.  You know how those “evil” blacks are, don’t you? Watch the video here.        ROMNEY ADVISES NAACP TOO VOTE OBAMA IF THEY WANT MORE STUFF … Continue reading

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Was Mitt Romney Avoiding U.S. Taxes, Hedging Against The Dollar? Release Your TAX RETURNS, Mitt

UPDATE Finally had to post a seperate thread on the Rommiester! READ THE VANITY FAIR FOR DETAILS. “As EVIDENCE mounts against Mitt Romney, we’re learning more about Mitt Romney’s bets against America.Vanity Fair’s raising important questions about Romney’s offshore accounts in … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s “After Bain” Immaculate Deception: For Romney, There Is No Life After Bain

From PERRSPECTIVES : BRINGING DARKNESS TO LIGHT –  *MUST READ ARTICLE!!! Excerpt: In recent weeks, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has tried to redefine the calendar by inserting the new milestone “AB”–or “After Bain”— into the timeline of human history. Defending its … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney To Visit Town Where Bain Laid Off Hundreds Of Electronics Workers

Any guesses as to what Romney will speak on in a town and busienss that has history with Bain Capital? Left: Joe May, EIT Chairman of the Board & CTO with Betty Demuth From Think Progress: Today, Mitt Romney will bring … Continue reading

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