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Video RECAP | Mitt Romney’s Jobs Record In Swing States: Bain Is To Blame; Tax Havens Is The Game

American voters in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, need look no further than Mitt Romney’s DISMAL record on job growth/job destruction and his plans for tax cuts. UNDERSTANDS BRIEFCASE STAGE Loris and Ampad STEEL DONNIE OVERSEAS BANKRUPT ***The New … Continue reading

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President Obama’s CBS Interview & His Campaign’s BAIN Focus Has Shades Of Enron Scandal

You all know the old saying: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Well now romney has had his day in the sun indirectly calling out President Obama’s legitimacy as a US. CITIZEN. Remember aligning himself with … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Ad: “Strong Leadership” “The Best Jobs Record In A Decade” Seriosuly?

There’s a reason why this AD is only 33 seconds in length….  and the one statement Romney touts about his JOBS record is a LIE. Governor Romney’s ad about his record in Massachusetts bears little resemblance to reality. Unlike the … Continue reading

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Romney’s VOODOO Economics | No Treats, Just TRICKS!

Americans should be forewarned of Mitt Romney’s economic practices. Here’s a prelude to “Dark Shadows,” for all you horror movie fans. They made as much as money as they could and they closed it down.”- former GST Steel worker on … Continue reading

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The “BAIN” of Romney’s Existence | … And Where Are Those Tax Returns, Mitt?

Mitt Romney dares to espouse his sensibilities towards the MIDDLE CLASS. Really, Mittens, REALLY? Again, it was Harwood who got to the heart of the matter, pivoting from a question about Romney’s seemingly shifting views on an auto industry bailout … Continue reading

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