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Mitt Romney: OUTSOURCING PIONEER & Romney Would Put Insurance Companies Back in Charge

Thursday, June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court will render its decision on the 2010 Health Care law.  Meanwhile  Mitt Romney is being pushed to admit he’s been in the JOB OUTSOURCING/OFFSHORING business. After months avoiding questions about his record as a … Continue reading

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In Economic Speech, Romney Offers Dishonest Claims, No New Ideas| Attempts To PRE-EMPT President Obama’s Thursday Speech On The Economy

 Romney’s Dishonest claims here on C-Span:   Mitt Romney Spells Out His Economic Agenda “In another in a long line of ‘major’ economic speeches, Mitt Romney made dishonest after dishonest claim about the President’s record and failed to offer any new … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Ad: “Strong Leadership” “The Best Jobs Record In A Decade” Seriosuly?

There’s a reason why this AD is only 33 seconds in length….  and the one statement Romney touts about his JOBS record is a LIE. Governor Romney’s ad about his record in Massachusetts bears little resemblance to reality. Unlike the … Continue reading

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