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Video | President Obama Statement on SCOTUS Ruling on the Affordable Care Act Subsidies

(Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images) President Obama: “Five years in, this is not about a law. This is not about the Affordable Care Act as legislation, or Obamacare as a political football. This is health care in America,”

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“The New Yorker” April 14, 2014 Magazine Cover

HA! I’m heading for the news stand, as soon as I leave work. Wonder where “Lil Eddie Munster-Granny-starver-RYAN is in the photo.

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Mitt Romney praises Israel’s SOCIALIZE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, yet OPPOSES THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT-AKA OBAMACARE? From Buzz Feed:  Romney Praises Israel’s Socialized Health Care System Excert:  JERUSALEM — Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney offered praise for the Israeli health care … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell & Mitt Romney & The GOP: They Don’t Care About The CONSTITUTION

Never since 2008, have I seen so many folks running around with their little  BLUE pocket-book Constitution. And never since 2009 have I heard the mantra: FOUNDING FATHERS.  I’m sure everyone has their interpretation of what the Constitution was established … Continue reading

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3 Chics Friday Roundup: Who Does The SCOTUS Decision Help The Most? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

Obamacare is already helping millions of Americans save money and live healthier lives, and thanks to yesterday’s ruling, it will help millions more in the years to come. Blogs across the country are reacting by sharing what havinghealth care will … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Applauds Supreme Court Decision |OBAMA CARE Is Constitutional Just Like ROMNEY CARE!

THEN NOW Wonder who wrote the script for all these LIES… Breaking With Romney, Gov. Martinez Won¹t Support Repeal New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez refused to stand with Mitt Romney on his calls to repeal Obamacare because of the many … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: OUTSOURCING PIONEER & Romney Would Put Insurance Companies Back in Charge

Thursday, June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court will render its decision on the 2010 Health Care law.  Meanwhile  Mitt Romney is being pushed to admit he’s been in the JOB OUTSOURCING/OFFSHORING business. After months avoiding questions about his record as a … Continue reading

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