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Serendipity SOUL | Thursday Open Thread | Bee Gees Week

The Bee Gees hits continue with: Stayin Alive Massachusetts

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Mitt Romney’s “FEE-FOR-ALL” Especially The Middle Class In Massachuesetts

INCREASED FEES & TAXES Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t raise taxes when he ran for governor of Massachusetts, but once in office he created or raised more than 1,000 taxes and fees. In all, taxes and fees increased by as … Continue reading

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Neil Cavuto Discusses Massachusetts Health Care Law with Mitt Romney – 2006 VERSION

SOUND FAMILIAR? Mitt Romney:  “Its the Republican way not the democratic way”.  So it’s OK, as long as the health care bill has an (R) signature? *Obamacare Myths Debunked* Obamacare is already helping millions of Americans save money and live … Continue reading

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3 Chics Friday Roundup: Who Does The SCOTUS Decision Help The Most? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

Obamacare is already helping millions of Americans save money and live healthier lives, and thanks to yesterday’s ruling, it will help millions more in the years to come. Blogs across the country are reacting by sharing what havinghealth care will … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Solution To StrengthenThe Economy? FIRE MORE PEOPLE

Mitt Romney’s solution of how to strengthen the economy? Fire more people. He believes that if we fire more teachers, more firefighters, more policemen, we’re actually going to grow this economy. Even Governor Walker in Wisconsin this weekend disagreed with … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: “NOBODY GOT RICH ON HIS OWN”

3 Chics loves Elizabeth Warren.  VOTE 2012 Senator Warren.   THIS: ” I hear all this, oh this is class warfare, no! There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a factory out there … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren, Fierce Financial Consumer Advocate : In Her Own Words

For those of us needing a refresher on who is Elizabeth Warren, you can start here. There’s a cadre of chatter around the so-called Progressive blogosphere about President Obama and Elizabeth Warren.  How POTUS is a sellout, because he did not … Continue reading

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