Open Thread | Running Down the Hypocrisy in Florida

Hurricane Ian laid waste to pretty much the entire State of Florida. The hypocrisy of the Republican elected officials😠😠😠 And, while we are looking at the hypocrisy, please explain how FAIR ELECTIONS CAN BE HELD IN FLORIDA IN NOVEMBER, which … Continue reading

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Videos | Senator John McCain “Obama Released the ‘Jihadists Responsible for 9/11 to Get Sgt.Bergdahl”

Cindy and Meghan come and get Grampy McGrumpy. The GOP, and especially John McCain have DESCENDED into total MADNESS.  I’m sure before 2016 rolls around McCain and the GOP will surely blame President Obama for the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. … Continue reading

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Video | Julian Bond Calls Out the GOP’s Faux IRS Outrage: Surprise; IT’S SELECTIVE!

Yes; the GOP’s FAKE scandal are not holding any weight with the Americnas who ACTUALLY voted for and got Barack Obama RE-ELECTED. At 3 Chics, we aren’t fooled. This IRS nonsense is a load of horsehit. The Teabagger’s whole purpose … Continue reading

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Videos| VP Candidate Paul Ryan to Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney: “QUIT HIDING YOUR MONEY IN THE CAYMAN ISLAND; WHY NOT MAKE IT AMERICA?”

I HEART YOUTUBE! 2010 2012 Speaks on tax havens starting around 13:00 minute mark-“REDUCE TAX SHELTERS”

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Senator Mitch McConnell| Republicans: “If We Are In Charge, Things Will Be Different”

YOU’RE WAY TO LATE TO TRY AND RALLY THE TROOPS NOW, MITCH MCCONNELL. YOU SET THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR YOUR PARTY HERE: Watch & listen to Minority Leader Mitch here. What’s the purpose of him waving the pom poms … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over – ConventionReinvention.com & Sunday Show Wrap Up

CAST OF CHARACTERS RATED “N” FOR NOT GONNA WORK! UPDATED New York Times writes how Romney’s “convention re-invention” will include a desperate attempt to convince the middle class he actually cares about them by launching false attacks on issues like … Continue reading

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Republicans Love Asking (“YOU PEOPLE”) For Documents *Looking @YOU, Ann & Mitt Romney*


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Mitt Romney Continues Lying About Medicare To Veil The Romney-Ryan Budget & ITS Plans For Medicare’s Demise

You haven’t seen gutter, Mitt Romney, and that’s your WHOLE PROBLEM. Becasue we know granny jusst loves saving and using those COUPONS. REPOSTING this video here, because it is INDICATIVE of what the RYAN BUDGET PLAN WILL DO TO MEDICARE. … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell & Mitt Romney & The GOP: They Don’t Care About The CONSTITUTION

Never since 2008, have I seen so many folks running around with their little  BLUE pocket-book Constitution. And never since 2009 have I heard the mantra: FOUNDING FATHERS.  I’m sure everyone has their interpretation of what the Constitution was established … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Prospered From Sucking On The Government Teat| Yep; It’s Mitt’s For Tits!

From Boomberg Romney Critical of Government Aid That Helped Bain Profit   Mitt Romney likes to say that “government does not create prosperity.” His record in the private equity industry shows otherwise. During Romney’s years as chief executive of Bain … Continue reading

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