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Video | President Obama’s NPR Interview with Steven Inskeep

Full transcript here We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this interview  

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Mitt Romney Has Not Released His Tax Returns Or A Clear Vision For American, Releases Race-Baiting- FEAR THE NEGRO Tactics Instead

9 Things to Know About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns With less than 2 weeks to go in the presidential election, Mitt Romney still hasn’t released his TAX RETURNS. Mother Jones has released the 47% video. Mitt LIED & BULLIED his … Continue reading

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Senator Mitch McConnell| Republicans: “If We Are In Charge, Things Will Be Different”

YOU’RE WAY TO LATE TO TRY AND RALLY THE TROOPS NOW, MITCH MCCONNELL. YOU SET THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR YOUR PARTY HERE: Watch & listen to Minority Leader Mitch here. What’s the purpose of him waving the pom poms … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over – ConventionReinvention.com & Sunday Show Wrap Up

CAST OF CHARACTERS RATED “N” FOR NOT GONNA WORK! UPDATED New York Times writes how Romney’s “convention re-invention” will include a desperate attempt to convince the middle class he actually cares about them by launching false attacks on issues like … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell & Mitt Romney & The GOP: They Don’t Care About The CONSTITUTION

Never since 2008, have I seen so many folks running around with their little  BLUE pocket-book Constitution. And never since 2009 have I heard the mantra: FOUNDING FATHERS.  I’m sure everyone has their interpretation of what the Constitution was established … Continue reading

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Frank Rich: NUKE Romney and The Right-Wing Extremist Clowns He Panders

You can read Frank Rich’s full article: Frank Rich: Nuke ’Em Why negative advertisements are powerful, essential, and sometimes (see “Daisy”) even artistic

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Women, IF IT WERE UP TO A ROMNEY PRESIDENCY, You Couldn’t Afford To Get Pregnant, But You Should!

If the latest Crossroad ad is a rebutal to the Obama camp’s The Life Of Julia, NEWS FLASH!!! MAJOR FAIL! This ad doesn’t not speak to the WOMEN MAJORITY Mitt Romney’s policies would prevent you from ACCESS to abortions, contraception, … Continue reading

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