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What Happened in Niger that got 4 U.S. Green Berets killed?

PalmerReport: Donald Trump has spent the past two weeks doing his best to avoid addressing the four U.S. soldiers who died in Niger on October 4th. The headlines up to now have focused on Trump’s unwillingless to call the families … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | Islamic State says U.S. ‘being run by an idiot’

Islamic State said on Tuesday the United States was drowning and “being run by an idiot”. In the first official remarks by the group referring to President Donald Trump since he took office, spokesman Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer said: “America you … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s War Record and Why It Matters

Hillary Clinton's War Record–what we aren't talking about and why it matters. A deeper dive for @ajplus https://t.co/IhVMY2E43X — francesca fiorentini (@franifio) March 11, 2016

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Video | President Obama’s NPR Interview with Steven Inskeep

Full transcript here We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this interview  

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President Obama’s Oval Office Address on Terrorism

ICYMI President Obama addresses the nation on terrorism after the San Bernardino killings. Leading up to this address the media and GOP have been relentless in their FEARMONGERING/WARMONGERING, even going so far as to INVADE the home of the couple … Continue reading

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‘Jihadi John’ Believed Killed in US Drone Strike

The ISIS terrorist dubbed “Jihadi John”, who oversaw the brutal executions of American and Western hostages, was hit by a U.S. air strike Thursday night and is believed to have been killed, U.S. officials told ABC News. One official said … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney, “Didn’t you leave President Obama with A MESS?

This is rich. Go to the WARMONGERING ASSHOLES for advise on Iran & Iraq, Isis….. As usual, the media floats Dick & Liz Cheney’s nonsense about Iran, Iraq,  just war in general when President Obama’s foreign policy is shifting from … Continue reading

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Video | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: ISIS Represents Islam Like KKK Represents Christianity

Notice the omission in the second video clip? Asked by Mika Brzezinski to explain what he believes is behind the actions of a group like ISIS, he said, “It’s a play for money and power, and these people try to … Continue reading

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Video Update|President Obama Speaks to the Nation on ISIL

Tune In: President Obama Addresses the Nation on ISIL HERE. ISIL= IslamicState of Iraq and the Levant. The White House, Washington Good evening, I just addressed the nation about what the United States will do with our friends and allies … Continue reading

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