What Happened in Niger that got 4 U.S. Green Berets killed?

PalmerReport: Donald Trump has spent the past two weeks doing his best to avoid addressing the four U.S. soldiers who died in Niger on October 4th. The headlines up to now have focused on Trump’s unwillingless to call the families of those soldiers or even publicly acknowledge their deaths. The real scandal, as it turns out, is why he’s been dodging it: he’s afraid to call any attention to the U.S. military action in Niger, because it was actually a Russian military op.

Follow the timeline: on August 10th, the governments of Niger and Russia signed a military cooperation deal. The press release from Russian news agency TASS described it as being a vaguely defined anti-terrorism partnership (link), but in real world terms, the deal was almost certainly about the exploding oil production in Niger. It’s roughly the same kind of arrangement which Russia has long had with the Syrian government: Russia provides military protection in order to help keep the current regime in power, and in return, the regime sells cheap oil back to Russia. Just seven weeks after the deal was signed, as Russia was moving in to set up shop in Niger, four U.S. soldiers were suddenly killed there.

Even setting aside Donald Trump’s personal allegiance to Russian President Vladimir Putin, from a purely tactical standpoint, there is zero chance that the United States would have been running its own military op inside Niger while Russia was moving in to set up shop. The only logically possible explanation is that the U.S. secretly sent troops to help the Russian military with its efforts in Niger. In other words, those four U.S. soldiers were participating in some kind of Russian military op – and it only became public once they died.

Rachel Maddow reported on-air on Wednesday night that Donald Trump nixed a prepared statement mourning the loss of the four U.S. soldiers. We also know that Trump didn’t call the families of those four soldiers until the media called him out on it. It’s become clear that Trump and his regime really didn’t want the public or the media to focus on the military op in Niger – which we know had to have been a Russian op – hence he refused to even mention it or make any calls. Trump got four U.S. soldiers killed by lending out the U.S. military to Vladimir Putin, and now he’s desperate to keep the details from coming out. We all know why.

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    • eliihass says:

      The Washington Post just released video of a phone call between a black gold star family and whatshisname..

      Like clockwork, they always find some random black woman to help clean up and absolve the buffoon and his mess..

      And sadly, some of my people willingly go along and allow themselves to be used..

      • ALWAYS, Eliihass!

        • eliihass says:

          And the media always providing cover SG…

          How is John Kelly ‘setting politics aside’ – or shutting down ‘unseemly’ public discourse
          over what should be ‘sacred’ sacrifice..

          When this retired General who ought to know better, stands at a podium in a sacred House, and while covering for a blundering racist buffoon, deflects from his boss’s failings, and instead blames and attacks a Congresswoman, stokes hate against her, and dogwhistles, sets off the deranged Alt-Right on her, whips them into a frenzy, and has them not just trolling her, but actually
          threatening her life..

          Shame on Kelly..

  1. rikyrah says:


    Laura Sessions‏ @laurasessions10

    THREAD 1. What happened in Niger.
    1:31 PM – 19 Oct 2017

    2/ While everyone is so busy talking about the president’s handling of his call to the widow of the soldier killed in Niger….
    3.you ‘re all missing the important part of that story…the part about what happened that night in Niger.

    4. The story that is emerging is so much worse than anything that happened in Benghazi

    5. but the same GOP Congress that investigated Benghazi with a fury seems to have little or no interest in this story.

    6. Here’s what we know so far… .These soldiers went to a meeting in an area near the border with Mali a well known hot spot for ISIS

    7 Our soldiers were not backed up by US Military air support- backed up by the French, who were not authorized to intervene or even fire

    8 Our soldiers did not have armored vehicles. They traveled in pickup trucks. . Our soldiers were given faulty intel… that said

    9 “it was unlikely that they would meet any hostile forces.” Of course, they walked into an ISIS ambush-chaotic and they took three lives

    10 It took the French 30 minutes to arrive. When they did they were not authorized to help.

    11. So, a dozen of our Green Berets fought a battle with more than 50 Isis fighters, without help, for 30 minutes.

    12 Finally, a rescue helicopter arrived, but it was not a US military helicopter.

    13 No, we apparently outsourced that job to “private contractors.”

    14 So, these contractors landed and loaded the remaining troops, the injured and the dead. . Here’s where this gets really bad…

    15 Because they were not military, they never did a head count. That is how Sgt. La David Johnson was left behind.

    16 That’s right…they left him behind.

    17According to the Pentagon, his locator beacon was activated on battlefield, which indicates that he was alive when they left him there

    18 They recovered his body 48 hours later but are refusing to say where.

    19 According to his widow, she could not have an open casket. This means that he was mutilated after being left behind on the battlefield.

    20 This is what led to the nonsense we’re obsessing over. This is the real story.

    21 As usual, you’re allowing it to be about Trump’s distraction, but this is Benghazi on steroids.

    22 The Trump Pentagon gave these men bad intel, no support, outsourced rescue people and then,,,

    23 tried for more than a week to pretend it never happened. In that time, Trump spoke on many occasions and never mentioned it.

    24 He tweeted attacks on many but never mentioned this Only after pressure from the media did he acknowledge these men and their service..

  2. John Kelly is so full of SHIT. He’s defending Trump when we know what he did to the KHANS. The call was on speaker phone. Everyone heard him. La David Johnson’s family admitted Trump disrespected them but John Kelly attacks the black Congresswoman b/c she heard the call. What planet is this?

  3. As Myeshia Johnson laid on the casket & cried uncontrollably….I cried too. My soul grieved when I saw their little boy with tears streaming down his little face. So heartbreaking.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Yes, we need to know what happened in Niger. Those brave young men deserve nothing less.

  5. I’m so so sorry. My heart breaks for the soldiers and the families they’ve left behind. May God’s tender mercies comfort them.

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