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What Happened in Niger that got 4 U.S. Green Berets killed?

PalmerReport: Donald Trump has spent the past two weeks doing his best to avoid addressing the four U.S. soldiers who died in Niger on October 4th. The headlines up to now have focused on Trump’s unwillingless to call the families … Continue reading

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Trump to widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: “He knew what he signed up for”

Trump dragging Gold Star families & being insulting and offensive to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow cannot be tolerated. What kind of Nation are we to allow this? He’s UNFIT for office, dammit! #IMPEACH this thug. Just when you think … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | I Don’t Feel Fear….I Feel Anger

This was the subject of a post over at Balloon Juice. Just Saying – Open Thread by Cheryl Rofer October 13, 2017 A number of commenters have said that Trump’s behavior makes them afraid. His behavior is, in many ways, … Continue reading

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