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Video | Karl Rove Accuses President Obama & Democrats Of REVERSE Voter Suppression

Leave it to this Master Rovian Turd to spin the web of lies and deceit to the citizens who live in his alternate universe. Yes; because TRUTH-TELLING Ads about Mitt Romney don’t count, Karl. Keep up the good work, Karl. … Continue reading

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Frank Rich: NUKE Romney and The Right-Wing Extremist Clowns He Panders

You can read Frank Rich’s full article: Frank Rich: Nuke ’Em Why negative advertisements are powerful, essential, and sometimes (see “Daisy”) even artistic

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Karl Rove’s Crossroads Generation Video Ignores Facts

HERE’S THE CROSSROADS GENERATION VIDEO: HERE ARE THE FACTS: KARL ROVE’S AMERICAN CROSSROADS PROVIDED SEED MONEY TO CROSSROADS GENERATION Crossroads Generation Received $750,000 In Seed Money From College RNC, Republican State Leadership Committee, And American Crossroads.“Crossroads Generation received $750,000 in … Continue reading

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Another DECEPTIVE Karl Rove Crossroad Ad: DEBT DECEPTION Personified

Another Deceptive Karl Rove Ad. The Ad airs in ten states starting Tuesday night; third spot in $25 million issue advocacy effort supporting New Majority Agenda Karl Rove’s newest deceptive ad reminds us of what he and Mitt Romney have … Continue reading

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GOP SuperPacs, Koch Brothers & Karl Rove Pledge Spending $1 Billion To Defeat President Obama

YOUR AMERICAN ELECTION PROCESSS ON CITIZENS UNITED 3 Chics is highlighting 3 articles of interest for your perusal.  Please pass on the links via FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. From Politico–  GOP groups plan $1 billion blitz Republican super PACs and … Continue reading

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Women, IF IT WERE UP TO A ROMNEY PRESIDENCY, You Couldn’t Afford To Get Pregnant, But You Should!

If the latest Crossroad ad is a rebutal to the Obama camp’s The Life Of Julia, NEWS FLASH!!! MAJOR FAIL! This ad doesn’t not speak to the WOMEN MAJORITY Mitt Romney’s policies would prevent you from ACCESS to abortions, contraception, … Continue reading

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Karl Rove today is out with a $25 Million ad buy against President Obama: Check out Daily Kos Here. The ad will run  will first run in ten states -Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Meet The GOP’s (* SHILLING ) Press David Gregory Disgracefully Describes Republican’s Position on Medicare As “Bold Leadership”

                                                 BOLD LEADERSHIP  REALLY, DAVID? Notice how David Gregory frames the lead narrative for the exchange. MR. DAVID GREGORY:  “This Sunday, is Medicare the new third rail of American politics?  Why the fight over the future of an entitlement for 47 … Continue reading

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