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Video | Karl Rove Accuses President Obama & Democrats Of REVERSE Voter Suppression

Leave it to this Master Rovian Turd to spin the web of lies and deceit to the citizens who live in his alternate universe. Yes; because TRUTH-TELLING Ads about Mitt Romney don’t count, Karl. Keep up the good work, Karl. … Continue reading

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Video | Vice Presidential Candiate Paul Ryan: “Let’s Make This Country a Tax Shelter”

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves Check out this piece from Mother- Paul Ryan:  Let’s Make This Country a Tax Shelter     

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Here Is Why She’s The DNC’s Chairman

After (7) SEVEN breast surgeries, she is a SURVIVOR, and is not afraid of death. When you’re not afraid of death, you treasure LIFE, the sanctity and the sacredness of it. The Democratic Party needs a constant voice of reason … Continue reading

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