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Tuesday Open Thread | Reince Priebus was at Trump Tower for Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting

Palmer Report With each passing day, the number of people who attended Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian government representatives grows. First it was four. Then it was six. Now it’s eight, with the eighth and final person being identified … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Goes Nuclear On Reince Preibus & Romney Campaign For Race-Baiting/Birtherism

This is an important moment for morning TV, because Joey Scar usually has the first 3 hours in the morning to push conservatism & “Obama ain’t shit” meme, while brow-beating and cajoling his sidekicks to agree with his every word. … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Here Is Why She’s The DNC’s Chairman

After (7) SEVEN breast surgeries, she is a SURVIVOR, and is not afraid of death. When you’re not afraid of death, you treasure LIFE, the sanctity and the sacredness of it. The Democratic Party needs a constant voice of reason … Continue reading

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