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Videos & Photos |White America’s “True Conversation” on Race

Thought I’d share a post in response to the uproar from the rightwing, a few house negroes…*looking@YOUTAVISSMILEY* about President Obama’s comments on race last week. Let’s be very clear on who needs to have a an HONEST dialogue on race … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Goes Nuclear On Reince Preibus & Romney Campaign For Race-Baiting/Birtherism

This is an important moment for morning TV, because Joey Scar usually has the first 3 hours in the morning to push conservatism & “Obama ain’t shit” meme, while brow-beating and cajoling his sidekicks to agree with his every word. … Continue reading

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Rick Perry | SECESSIONIST… 2012 Presidential Candidate…SECESSIONIST? American/Anti-American? Corporate Tool?

Every time I see Rick Perry or hear his name, SECESSIONIST is the first thing that comes to mind. NO RESPECT FOR THE UNION. Now that Governor “Gun-toting,  Bible-thumping, GOOD HAIR” Perry has been given the green light by his bankrolling buddies, he’s … Continue reading

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President Obama Promises, He Plays Well With Others…Until… “Someone Comes At “Me”

Video-Hat tip BWD-Thank you! “If someone comes at me, I will knock them out.”  And if folks need a refresher, see videos below.  **EXHIBITS** Ask the GOP about this: EXHIBIT A:  BALTIMORE MASSACRE …or Paul Ryan about this: EXHIBIT B:  … Continue reading

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Videos |White House Correspondents Dinner- “THRILLER on the HILL-ER!”

Thank you, Mr. President; 3 Chics loved your humor, grace, wit, and brilliant delivery of the most delicious SMACKDOWN of the Donald, the MEDIA, the Birthers, Grifters, Posers, Bigots and the GOP.  And Seth Myers, you have reedeemed my faith in … Continue reading

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Lawrence O’Donnell Vs. Trump, NBC, & Orly Taitz

Was O’Donnell serious or was this great West Wing Acting? How do I call out NBC?  Let us count the ways.  Is Lawrence O cruising for a“YOU’RE FIRED!? no pun intended.   hat tip Booman The Lawrence O’Donnell Betting Pool

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White House Shows President Obama’s Birth Certificate-PBO to Make Statement & Take Questions

White House releases President Obama Shows Origianl Birth Certificate, according to Jay Carney Press Secreatary.  POTUS to make a statement and take questions around 9:45 am EST/CT this morning.   So it has come down to the First African American President … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan, RACIST, Says President Obama’s Education Result Of Affirmative Action

MSNBC continues to showcase Uncle Pat, the racist.  Wonder if ole racist Pat BucKKKlanan would be on tee vee asking to see Sarah Palin’s birth certificate or her college transcripts and diploma from six colleges. This is the new meme for the media’s … Continue reading

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Huckabee’s Talking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth on Obama

Hat tip- JackandJillPolitics So Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, must be warming up to run for president. And he’s practicing by saying what he thinks the people want to hear, depending on who he happens to be facing at … Continue reading

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