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Monday Open Thread | Sean Hannity Appears To Be In Legal Trouble As He Gets Caught In Russia Investigation

As it turns out, the indictment and impending prosecution of Roger Stone doesn’t just mean trouble for Stone himself, or even just for Donald Trump, who it has been said is likely to be the “senior Trump campaign official” named … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Sean Hannity Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Tulsa, OK – Columnist, attorney, and former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel appeared on today’s Pat Campbell Show and accused Fox News Prime Time Host Sean Hannity of the same type of behavior that lead to Bill O’Reilly leaving the … Continue reading

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Ted Koppel tells Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he is bad for America

Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity: “You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

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Friday Open Thread | Sean Hannity once pointed an unloaded gun at Juan Williams

Well, that’s one way to win a cable news punditry argument. CNN is reporting that longtime Fox News host Sean Hannity pulled a gun on his colleague Juan Williams after the two had finished an on-air political argument, with Hannity … Continue reading

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Videos | TRMS Presents History of Southern Racist, Jim Crow & Links to Republican Syncophants

Rachel Maddow covers the links of EXTREMIST, MILITIAS, WHITE SUPREMACY groups with Republican Party. Thanks Rachel! So Rand Paul, Sean Hannity, Rick Perry and Company, ya’ll don’t get to run away from this shit-pile. You’re part of it.

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Melissa Harris Perry smacks Sean Hannity’s trolling of President Obama’s speech about Trayvon Martin

 Melissa Harris Perry illustrates the conversation some white Americans like Sean Hannity are having about race. Listen how Sean Hannity contorts what President Obama said last Friday, and how he proves what the president said by his own contorted comments.  The stupid really burns … Continue reading

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Videos & Photos |White America’s “True Conversation” on Race

Thought I’d share a post in response to the uproar from the rightwing, a few house negroes…*looking@YOUTAVISSMILEY* about President Obama’s comments on race last week. Let’s be very clear on who needs to have a an HONEST dialogue on race … Continue reading

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President Obama Gives Fox News The FINGER!

Photograph by: Win McNamee, Reuters Call them out, Mr. President.  Call out all the thugs, whiners, liars, obstructionist, bigots, birthers and clowns. From the October 2010 Rolling Stone interview. Obama In Command: “Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and … Continue reading

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