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Thought I’d share a post in response to the uproar from the rightwing, a few house negroes…*looking@YOUTAVISSMILEY* about President Obama’s comments on race last week. Let’s be very clear on who needs to have a an HONEST dialogue on race in America.






President Obama’s DIALOGUE on RACE:

Racist Attacks on the Obama Children: New Lows for the Racist Right? (UPDATED)


The New York Post described Malia Obama’s appearance thus:

President Obama’s eldest daughter brought Woodstock chic to Rome yesterday as she toured the Eternal City wearing a T-shirt that bore the peace emblem of the ban-the-bomb movement.

Revealing an age difference perhaps, the older newspaper reporter is doing a bit of mocking here. The peace symbol is worn by millions of US kids who know nothing of the earlier Woodstock and peace movements. Then someone placed this racist commentary below their news story:

Looking at that picture is like seeing ghetto-fabulous failures win the lottery and going nuts – driving Escalades and buying disgustingly garish-looking homes. This is pathetic. We grab a worthless social worker off the street because he speaks well with a teleprompter and toss him into a job with 230 years of history and class. Anyone else see the problem with this? All the presidents before this idiot knew the enormity and responsibility of the office. This retard goes out and buys DVD’s for other heads of state. This ain’t one of your neighborhood block parties “homey. “

SG2 here:

right wing racism1

right wing racism2

What else should we dialogue about here?

Now you tell 3 Chics who needs to have an HONEST dialogue on RACE in AMERICA.

Attorney General Eric Holder IS right…

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35 Responses to Videos & Photos |White America’s “True Conversation” on Race

  1. Ametia says:

    Wonder when Ben Carson’s going to come out of hiding and bring his critique of the Zimmerman verdict. Of course he’ll either go on Fox or CNN.

  2. Ametia says:

    Sea Gull Beach
    by Ametia

    Many promises were made to take us to the beach, and many of those promises were kept. The moment I stepped into the backseat of the brown “55” Pontiac, my toes were
    already sinking into the brown crystals of the shore.

    One more turn on the shiny black asphalt, two more bumps before the crackling sound of gravel and the big sign ahead: “Sea Gull Beach” – “coloreds only” I remember the first time I asked pop, “What does that sign mean?” and he answered very matter-of-fact, “It means we’re special”

    Pop would park the car, and we would all scatter like mice from a corner of darkness when the light switch goes on. For some of us the journey towards the beach area would be like walking through a maze randomly designed from gull droppings. But I was not
    bothered by the white and gray matter, for I am already immersed in the water.

    The gaming area is all a buzz with the sounds of pinball machines and one arm bandits. My sibling’s taste for entertainment ran the gamut, but my twin sister Irene and I decided earlier that we weren’t going to become willing participants in the hold up.

    Later in the evening you could hear the soulful sounds of Otis Redding drifting through the salty sea air. “These arms of mine, they are yearning” At the time I didn’t know what “yearning” meant, but I sure got a sense of what it felt like by the time the song was over.

    Irene and I went over to the band shell. Years later, we would discover this piece of construction was called an amphitheater. Everything sounded simpler back then. The much talked about Siamese twins would be appearing, and we wanted a front row seat.
    The twins were laterally conjoined at the head. We both had pondered the deep questions: How do two people joined at the head live? Wouldn’t they get on each others nerves? I mean twins are close and all, but never being separated!! How does this work?

    It wasn’t long before the conjoined twins appeared on stage that the mystery questions were answered. They smiled, ate, drank, talked, heck! they breathed. We discovered they were connected by something far more greater than by their heads. After that encounter with the twins, Irene and I vowed to become even closer. We were moved by their gentle grace and strength. I never looked at people who were physically different
    than me in the same way again.

    Leaving the beach that day, I took one more glance at the sign and thought to myself’
    “Yes, we are all quite Special.

  3. tesspowell says:

    These attitudes have become socially acceptable. It’s permeated the thinking and actions of so many I really believe it had an effect on the Zimmerman jury, that it’s ok to openly express racism, even in your decision making. If this isn’t dialed back soon I hate to see what other policies, practices and effects it’ll have on the black community as a whole.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; and the MSM has been complicit in helping push the RACIST narrative

      • @Ametia:

        Check this site out! It is beyond informative!

      • Ametia says:

        @Deborah. Thank you so much!

        • @Ametia:

          On “The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia” site, I have read each and every article there. It important for us to understand where this hatred originated and how far back it originated, and how it has manifested itself into the Zimmerman trial! I see the exact same behavior and attitudes today in racist and that originated from their ancestors way back! Whites are still ANGRY that they lost their free labor. Whites are angry that the very same people that were slaves and used as their servants, were able to have laws enacted to treat them now as human beings. Former slaves are now equal to me?? NOOOO! Whites for a long time after slavery was abolised were able to keep blacks in their place under the Jim Crow laws, but that ended as well and without those laws, they could no longer force blacks to stay in their place.Just reading the various articles on that site, frightens and scares me. The article on the “Black Brute” and the depiction of who he is reminds me of how Trayvon Martin was portrayed by the defense and the jury and racists whites. This is how black males are portrayed and seen by whites in America. TM was a kid and yet, this is how he was seen. Nothing has changed from the trun of the 20th century.

          “The brute caricature portrays black men as innately savage, animalistic, destructive, and criminal — deserving punishment, maybe death. This brute is a fiend, a sociopath, an anti-social menace. Black brutes are depicted as hideous, terrifying predators who target helpless victims, especially white women. Charles H. Smith (1893), writing in the 1890s, claimed, “A bad negro is the most horrible creature upon the earth, the most brutal and merciless”(p. 181). Clifton R. Breckinridge (1900), a contemporary of Smith’s, said of the black race, “when it produces a brute, he is the worst and most insatiate brute that exists in human form” (p. 174). George T. Winston (1901), another “Negrophobic” writer, claimed:”

      • Ametia says:

        @Deborah. Tell’em why they’re MAD!

      • Ametia says:

        @Deborah. And as far as brutes and barbarics go, no one could me more barbaric than all those white GOPers who want to get all up inside women’s vaginas and wombs and control their every function .

        White women should be screaming at the tops of their lungs against these white brutes! They are the TRUE PREDATORS who stalk helpless victims, especially white women and their vaginas. Because, y’all know damn well these men don’t give two shits about black women or their babies.

        Cue slave quarters scene, when Massa would slide into the black women’s cabin, rape and impregnate her, and then sell off the child to the next barbaric white slaver.

        These white bararians also write laws to shut down abortion clinics, vote against fair pay, planned parenthood, immigration, jobs, inact voter suppression laws, cut food stamps for families and kids. So who is the VILLIAN, the BRUTE, the BARBARIAN?

    • kansaschick says:

      10 years ago, I was hired by a company in the midwest. As part of my position, I had a direct report. After we had become quite close, my direct report (who happens to be white) shared with me the following…. Shortly after I was hired (while I was finishing out my time at my previous employer), my boss came to my direct report and told her that someone had been hired for the position and that I was black. She then asked her if that was going to be a problem. Bless her heart, my direct report responded, “I don’t care if she’s black, pink, white, orange or blue. Just get her in here.”

      • tesspowell says:

        Wonderful your supervisor wasn’t prejudice, but how sad that in the 90’s their were still racists not afraid to voice those opinions in the workplace amongst themselves. I wonder if this situation has gotten any better in America.

  4. Liza says:

    I looked at this post earlier today and it is overwhelming to see all of this in one place. The hatred is just so raw and exposed. It is so depressing, and the disrespect for President Obama and his family really underscores the fact that none of these people have a shred of human decency. And they are so pathetic, nothing but stooges for conservative elites, getting played for their votes and their willingness to gather together for the cameras and show their racism and their ignorance.

    • Ametia says:

      Liza, it is all in one place, AMERICA. And the nerve of anyone trying to label President Obama or any POC a race-baiter.

      • Yahtc says:

        They are trying to rewrite reality with lies. Talk about being worried about revisionist’s with regard to school history texts. These people are doing it now in the present minutes before it even makes it to the history books.

        We have to understand this new game AND the use of the internet. If we do not quickly become savvy with the internet, we will be caught in their internet Web spinning.

      • Yahtc says:

        They know they are the race baiters and feel they can just………oh I am too pissed to write!

      • Yahtc says:

        We need SG2 to get some rodeo dudes to ride these racist horses until they break them.

      • @Ametia:
        I also read and found this. This behavior and the blame game is not new. Calling President Obama a RACIST??? LMBAO! Whites are the architects of racims. They want to turn it around and blame us because they cannot be honest with themselves for thier racist past.

        Carnival of Death: The Barbaric History of Lynching in America — The History of Lynching — Crime Library on

        Civil Rights Martyrs | Southern Poverty Law Center

    • @Ametia & Liza:
      How are you both and the rest of the wonderful posters here? Yes, it is overhelming, sad and I got sick to my stomach yesterday upon viewing this. It is depressing. The President and his wife are shown so much disdain, and disrespect and why?? Because they are AA? These people are pathetic, despicable, lack humanity and yet they accuse AA of being animalistic and criminally inclined??

      I visited this site a few years back and keep it on my “favorites” site. It is entiteled, ” The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia.” It is a wonderful site that just gives you pause. The information is amazing. I feel like nothing has changed from those awful Jim Crow years. Please visit this site above and send the link to your friends as well.

      What was Jim Crow

      • Ametia says:

        Hi Deborah. You’re right. These folks are conjuring up the same images used in Jim Crow. And thanks for the link to the site. It’s educational for folks who are not getting the real history of these despicable times in our history. It’s all about REVISIONISM. Note Limbaugh telling his listening audiences that white folks should not be guilty for slavery.

  5. vitaminlover says:

    Can we say “This is beyond ridiculous?”

    • Ametia says:

      vitaminlover, we had to post the evidence of exactly what racist America’s beentalking about for the past 4 1/2 years about RRACE.

      • vitaminlover says:

        Understood. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives Payback is soooo rough!

      • @ Ametia:

        ^5! It is so funny to me how white men call black men brutes, barbaric, animalistic deserving of death, when whites invented war, used barbaric means to torture blacks, fire bombing black families homes, (think Malcolm X and serveral civil rights workers). Whites have oppressed and used violence and intimidation against blacks and the Native people from day one! Free Black people wanted to be left alone to take care of their families and to work for pay, even if it meant for the very same slave owner! Unfortunately, groups like the KLAN wouldn’t allow that, so they went around terrorizing free blacks.

        WHO THE HELL WAS BARBARIC? Who the hell was lynching black men? Cutting off their fingers and toes and burning them alive? Bombing churches, homes and shooting blacks so that they wouldn’t apply to vote, or attend a public school? Who the hell was raping the black women? How can any white man call a black man barbaric?? How are black men anti-social, and savage? Black men didn’t behave or possess any of those traits!! Black men were to busy obeying the orders of the white man, being docile and subervient in order to placate his white slave owneer! Black men were not allowed to even read or write or have a weapon, so how are black men savage and animalistic? Where would they learn those behavior from? (Another myth that whites made up from slavery about how Africans behaved). These racists whites called that child all of those names. SMH! O’Mara implied that TM comes from a race of people who are barbaric and animalistic, savage and criminally inclined. That is what Mark O’Mara implied when he sent out those false photos and incorrectly sent out the video of Trayvon filming two homeless men fighting but he REALLY MEANT that it was Trayvon fighting before he corrected himself. He wanted that to be out there so that the racists would say,” YEP! Them NIggers are just animals even down to the little babies. They are born fighting! O’Mara wanted Trayvon to be exactly what his ancestors deemed all black man as, SAVAGE AND BARBARIC!

        I also do not give a pass to any white woman either! She was just as evil as her whtie male counterpart. She was right there pointing and laughing at the black man who was being lynched, and she also made advances to the black man as wel. If he refused or rebuffed her, she would holler RAPE! That is what got plenty of black men lynched! She is just as guilty!

  6. rikyrah says:

    this is on point.

    and they are who we thought they were.

    • Yahtc says:

      I have to go throw up…..I will be back.

      • @Yahtc:

        I threw up already and then cried for my son and my daughters, my nieces, nephews, grand nieces and nephews. Lord give me strength????! PUHLEESE! What kind of people are these? What is wrong with them? These people are sick and demonized! OMG, this makes ms so angry! These white racists have went completely mad! SMH! My parents who grew up under the harsh Jim Crow laws in the late 40’s and 50’s just shook their heads when I sent this to them when I spoke to them on the web cam, and stated, “Why are we surprised?” It took laws to end Jim Crow, but their racism and bigotry for some of them NEVER ENDED in their hearts and souls. Daddy stated that he never trusted any white person unless they came to the house and had dinner, and then he knew if they were genuine! LOL!

        They have surely shown who they are Black people! They HATE BLACK PEOPLE! One lady in the crowd has a sing that stated this: “COONS! THAT’S WHAT GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ACTUALLY SAID!” We all heard it and yet, the phony DA, let that ride! We know he was not screaming and we know he murdered Trayon Martin! Like I stated, Fogen is a DEAD MAN WALKING!

      • Ametia says:

        @Deborah. Rikyrah’s right; this is who they are. This is their dialogue on race in America. It’s the same old game.

        They’re trying to put a new face on old truths, by inacting laws around the country-state’s rights, voter suppression, abortion rights, calling PBO the welfare president, when nigger is the soup da jour.

        They can’t hide the hate, disdain, bigotry and racism, it’s boiling over. And the dogwhisltes,who do they think they’e fooling? Black folks were born with that special ANTENNAE.

      • Yahtc says:

        These people are possessed by demonic ghouls of darkness.

        I suggest an exorcism is called for.

        We are the strong people. We will not be moved.

        We are aware…..Ametia has pointed to their goals by pointing out the laws that they are enacting.

        We can and will stop it as long as we stay on them play for play to keep them from getting any touchdowns. But, we DAILY have to stay in the game and figure out their strategy and continually tackle them and keep them from getting any first downs.

        Hold em back ……Hold em back way back!

      • Yahtc says:

        Don’t forget that us whites are on the whole wimps because we have not had to face the harsh conditions and struggles against a society that uses load dice against us. We are wimps compared to you.

        You have the inner strength, the endurance, and the appetite for the marathon. These blatant white racists fizzle as individuals without their white power boost. They are bluffing their poker hand. We need to call and show our hand which is a “royal flush ’em out”.

        This is no time to dawdle……We need to MARCH and show strength at every turn.

    • Ametia says:

      Indeed. They have been dialoging about race alright, and it’s reached a crescendo since November 4, 2008.

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